Watch: AB6IX Gives Their All In Auditioning For Zombie Roles On “My Little Television 2”

AB6IX has transformed into terrifying zombies for MBC’s “My Little Television 2”!

In the July 19 broadcast for the horror special of “My Little Television 2,” AB6IX tried their hand at acting as zombies. With special help from acting teacher Lee Mi Do and action teacher Jeon Young, AB6IX had a little taste of what it was like to act as zombies.

First, the members got ready by trying on various costumes before immersing into the zombie role. Jeon Woong chose a cool skeleton shirt while Kim Dong Hyun wanted the look of a zombie who had just escaped from jail. Meanwhile, Lee Dae Hwi went for the soldier look, and Lim Young Min was left with a dress that transformed him into a zombie bride.

Lee Dae Hwi first practiced by pretending to be a zombie in love, gaining praise for his detailed acting. Kim Dong Hyun also impressed the teachers with his technical physical movements that were very zombie-like.

One by one, the members auditioned for the role of a zombie through “Zombie 101.” Although Jeon Woong appeared flustered, Lim Young Min said, “I think I’ve found my talent.” Kim Dong Hyun wanted to represent Daejeon, the filming site of “Train To Busan,” while Lee Dae Hwi went all out during practice, causing him to say, “I can’t get back up.”

Kim Dong Hyun was the first member to audition, falling down immediately as he immersed himself into his role. Lee Dae Hwi commented, “It’ll be difficult to get back up…. Your back will hurt,” but Kim Dong Hyun deftly used his knees to bring himself upright. Jeon Woong also tried his best, but he received the comment, “He should be a singer.”

Furthermore, Lim Young Min showed off his impressive zombie acting, even showcasing a special stage in which he hilariously sang “Pick Me” in zombie form. He completely transformed into a zombie for his audition while ignoring the pain from the zombie-like movements.

As the last contestant, Lee Dae Hwi played the role of a person who doesn’t believe in zombies but suddenly transforms into one himself. He received praise for his energy and realistic portrayal of emotions and detail, earning an “A” grade for his outstanding performance.

Watch the full episode with English subtitles below!

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