X1 Members Share Messages To Fans On Personal Twitter Account

In addition to their official social media accounts, X1 has launched a more personal and intimate Twitter account!

Cha Jun Ho kicked off the account with the message, “I’ve kept going until now by dreaming of my debut, but my dream has finally come true. I have learned how precious and thankful it is to know that there are people cheering you on. I will work even harder from now on to return that support as a member of X1! Thank you!!”

Han Seung Woo wrote, “Hello, this is X1’s Han Seung Woo! I was really happy to receive so much love from the national producers during this short-but-long time! That love is the reason I could be here. I would like to sincerely thank everyone once again! I will be a singer who can give as much as he receives! Let’s be together for a long time!”

Cho Seung Youn wrote, “Thank you so much to the national producers who sent me so much love. I have thought a lot about how to return that love. I am so, so grateful and I will work harder to mature and become someone who can give you happiness in return. Please look forward to X1. I love you, be healthy, let’s be together for a long time.”

Son Dong Pyo wrote, “Hello!! This is X1’s Son Dong Pyo. Thank you so much to the national producers who sent me love and made it possible to fulfill my longtime dream with really great people!! I will show you a more mature side of myself in the future, and will work to be the bright and healthy Dong Pyo of X1.”

Kim Yo Han wrote, “Hello. This is X1’s Kim Yo Han. I will not forget the feeling of becoming part of X1 through “Produce X 101″ and will become a Kim Yo Han who works hard and stays humble. I will do my best, thank you!!”

Lee Han Gyul wrote, “Hello. This is X1’s Lee Han Gyul! I was able to debut thanks to all the people who cheered me on and believed in me! The reason I could be here was because of the national producers, who supported me and had faith in me. I will become a Lee Han Gyul who works hard and does well and looks cool! Thank you so much!!”

Kim Woo Seok wrote, “Thank you again for giving me the precious opportunity to become a person who can both receive and give love to lots of people. I will take advantage of this opportunity and promise happy days in the future! From X1’s Kim Woo Seok.”

Lee Eun Sang wrote, “Hello, national producers! It’s X1’s Lee Eun Sang! I am happy that I could achieve my dream of debuting through becoming a member of X1, a group that the national producers made. I will work to repay the fact that you gave me such a precious gift despite the fact that I am lacking in many ways. I will show you many sides of me as a singer and work hard!!”

Song Hyeong Jun wrote, “Hello, this is X1’s Song Hyeong Jun. I have been given the great gift that is my “debut” through the national producers, who sent me their warm support and cheers. I will never forget my memories of “Produce X 101.” Thank you to everyone who cheered me on despite the fact that I am lacking in many ways, and I will show you a better side of me in the future. Thank you.”

Kang Min Hee wrote, “Hello, this is X1’s Kang Min Hee. First, I’d like to sincerely thank the national producers. I will work hard to mature as a singer in order to repay this great opportunity I’ve been given. I will work hard without changing this mindset. Thank you!”

Nam Do Hyon wrote, “Hello? This is Nam Do Hyon, who was able to debut in X1 through many people’s love. I was able to get this far thanks to the national producers and the people around me. I am really grateful for being able to come this far, and will work hard to mature in order to make sure I deserve this position. Thank you!”

Congratulations to all the X1 members!

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