Shin Sung Rok Cutely Holds Onto His Pillow In Anticipation In “Perfume”

Shin Sung Rok rocks pajamas in new stills for “Perfume”!

On July 22, the KBS 2TV drama gave viewers a peek at its second to final episode.

Shin Sung Rok stars as Seo Yi Do, who became a genius designer to keep his promise to Min Jae Hee (played by Ha Jae Sook) as she saved him from drowning when he was young. Right when he was about to commit suicide, Seo Yi Do saw Min Jae Hee practicing her walk and was able to continue living his life. After meeting Min Jae Hee’s doppelganger Min Ye Rin (played by Go Won Hee), he becomes confused by the love triangle that unfolds.

Last week, Seo Yi Do was rejected after proposing to Min Jae Hee and was also rejected by Min Ye Rin after confessing his feelings for her. He was then shocked as he saw that Min Ye Rin and Min Jae Hee are the same person.

In the stills, Shin Sung Rok looks antsy while holding onto a pillow. Dressed in pajamas, Seo Yi Do is walking around in front of the door to Min Ye Rin’s room. He gets surprised when the door opens before smiling at the person walking out of it. Viewers are curious to see who is making Seo Yi Do break out into a bright smile.

Filmed on set in the city of Ansung located in Gyeonggi Province, Shin Sung Rok walked onto the set in a robe and checkered pajamas, and showed detailed acting with his innocent childlike facial expressions and anxious emotions which wowed the staff and made them burst into laughter.

A source from the drama said, “Shin Sung Rok, who has created unforgettable scenes and is leading the entire drama, will give it his all as he shows that he’s the expert of fantasy romance. Please stay tuned until the end to watch Shin Sung Rok’s portrayal of Seo Yi Do’s noble and pure, self-created love triangle and its conclusion.”

“Perfume” will air its last two episodes on July 22 and 23 at 9 p.m. KST. Watch the latest episode with English subtitles now!

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