Lee Jin Hyuk Launches Instagram Account + Agency Comments On Future Plans

Lee Jin Hyuk’s agency TOP Media has released an official statement regarding his future plans!

The statement shares that he will be changing his stage name from “Wei” to his real name “Lee Jin Hyuk,” and he has also launched an Instagram account.

Check out the full statement below:


This is TOP Media.

We express gratitude for the love given to Lee Jin Hyuk by fans, and we would like to share some news regarding Lee Jin Hyuk.

It has been decided that Lee Jin Hyuk will change his stage name to promote as “Lee Jin Hyuk.”

In addition, he will interact with fans and share various news through the Instagram account below.


We will consider the many opinions sent by fans, and we will support Lee Jin Hyuk so that he can promote actively.

We once again express gratitude for the great interest and love.

Lee Jin Hyuk shared a selfie for his first Instagram post and wrote, “Hello. This is Lee Jin Hyuk.” His hashtags include, “TOP Media,” “Lee Jin Hyuk,” and “Baby Sun.”

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