Lai Kuanlin's Legal Reps Explain Termination Request For Contract With Cube

Lai Kuanlin’s legal representatives Chaeum Attorneys At Law released a statement detailing the reasons for filing to terminate his exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment.

In the opening paragraph, Chaeum Attorneys At Law reveal that they decided to release a statement to correct the false information written in Cube Entertainment’s press release, which states that there are no grounds for contract termination.

Lai Kuanlin sent a certification of contents for the termination of his exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment on July 18 and filed for an injunction to suspend his contract with the agency at the Seoul Central District Court on July 22.

The statement continues, “Lai Kuanlin entered into an exclusive contract with Cube on July 25, 2017, and a few months later, in January 2018, [Cube] sold Lai Kuanlin’s exclusive management rights within China to a TAJOY Entertainment, a third party, receiving a sum that was many times larger than the down payment they gave Lai Kuanlin. Lai Kuanlin and his parents were not informed of this, and they had not agreed to this sort of contract.”

Lai Kuanlin found out about the contract in April 2019, and on June 21, he sent his first certification of contents requesting that the breach of contract be rectified.

“However, Cube did not make the requested changes, stating that there was no breach of contract, and they ignored our request for a discussion. They damaged Lai Kuanlin’s [public] image by only revealing part of the facts through the press without explaining the issue to [Lai Kuanlin] himself,” Lai Kuanlin’s legal representatives state.

They conclude the statement saying that Lai Kuanlin will do his best to carry out his activities that were scheduled before they filed the injunction.

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