“Perfume” Cast Shares Their Thoughts On Their Drama Coming To An End

KBS’s “Perfume” is coming to an end!

On July 23, Shin Sung Rok, who plays Seo Yi Do, posted on Instagram, “We gave it our all. Thank you to the viewers who watched until the end, even though I was lacking in many ways. This was an experience that filled in some of that lack and I’m grateful. Thank you.”

Go Won Hee, who plays Min Ye Rin, also posted on Instagram. “The final episode airs today and marks the end of a four-month journey. I am so happy to have met Min Ye Rin of ‘Perfume’ and [the past four months] were a series of days overflowing with joy. Thank you to the seniors who warmly cheered me on by my side. I was able to learn a lot from working with you. And thank you so much to the staff who cherished Ye Rin and gave it their all off-camera. We were able to complete this production despite the rising heat because our passion was even hotter than the temperature. Finally, thank you to the directors. I’m grateful to have made so many good friendships through ‘Perfume’ and thank you for trusting in Ye Rin and leading her well.”

She continued, “I realized how happy a thing it was to be the member of a production that gives strength to people. I will work hard in the future and become someone who always does her best. I was really happy for the past four months. More than anything else, thank you to the fans who loved ‘Perfume.’ I was happy because of all of you.”


Cha Ye Ryun, who played Han Ji Na, also shared her thoughts on the end of the drama. “I was excited to return to set and start acting again after a long time away. There were some things I was worried about, but we were all able to finish safely because many people were working together. I’m happy to have worked with such great actors and great staff members, and I sincerely thank everyone who loved ‘Perfume.'”

Kim Min Kyu, who played Yoon Min Suk, said, “I worked hard and thought a lot about how to fill in the parts in which I was lacking. I was happy and excited to live as Yoon Min Suk for a time. ‘Perfume’ is like a midsummer night’s dream to me. It was an honor to be able to work with everyone, and thank you to everyone who loved Yoon Min Suk. I will work to show an even better side of me in future.”

In a behind-the-scenes clip, Shin Sung Rok talked about maturing as an actor by tackling his first romantic comedy fantasy genre and the difficulty of portraying a character who has multiple complexes. Go Won Hee again expressed her gratitude for the time she spent working on the production, saying she learned a lot from portraying Min Ye Rin on “Perfume.”

Ha Jae Sook, who plays Min Jae Hee, said, “I don’t want to think of this as the end. I am a crybaby so I think I will cry. My character is very similar to me in some ways, and different from me in others. I could relate to her a lot, though, so I’m glad I met her. Please tune in until the end, thank you! I am really sad…”

“Perfume” airs its last two episodes on July 23 at 10 p.m. KST.

Check out the latest episode with English subtitles below!

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