Lee Yoo Ri And Kim Dong Wan To Star In New Historical Film About Pansori

Updated August 13 KST:

Kim Dong Wan will be acting in the movie “Singer” (literal title)!

His agency Office DH confirmed his appearance which will also be his first sageuk (historical) role.

The Shinhwa member made his film debut through the 2004 movie “Spin Kick” and has appeared in other works including the film “Deranged,” drama “Moorim School,” and more.

“Singer” is set to start filming in September and be released in theaters within the first half of 2020.

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Lee Yoo Ri will be returning to the big screen!

On July 23, a source from Lee Yoo Ri’s agency told Star News, “Lee Yoo Ri will appear in ‘Singer’ (literal title).”

“Singer” is a film about pansori, a traditional Korean music genre of expressive singing and storytelling. It will take place in year 1734 during the Joseon Dynasty and tell the story of people in the lowest social status who write and sing songs about their lives while being exploited by aristocrats.

Lee Yoo Ri will appear as a singer in the lowest class who expresses sorrow and pain while traveling around the country. Since this is the actress’s first attempt at pansori, she’s learning from director Jo Jung Rae and experts in pansori.

This will be Lee Yoo Ri’s first film in 15 years after “Bunshinsaba” in 2012. The actress rose to stardom due to her Grand Prize-winning performance as a villain in MBC’s “Jang Bo Ri Is Here” and she has gone onto appear in many dramas including “Father Is Strange,” “Hide and Seek,” and “Spring Turns to Spring.”

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan is currently in talks for the film. A source from his agency told Herald Pop, “He received the scenario for the film ‘Singer’ and is currently positively reviewing it. It has not yet been confirmed.”

If he accepts the role, Kim Dong Wan will appear alongside Lee Yoo Ri as a member of the pansori group.

“Singer” will start filming in the second half of this year and premiere in the first half of 2020. Director Jo Jung Rae of “Spirits’ Homecoming” will be directing and writing the screenplay.

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