Apink’s Jung Eun Ji Talks About Filming New Solo Reality Show In Australia

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji introduced viewers to her first solo reality show.

On July 23, the singer attended a press conference at the Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Hotel for Lifetime’s “Jung Eun Ji’s Sydney Sunshine.”

The reality show chronicles Jung Eun Ji’s solo travels around Sydney, Australia. Filming for the show ended in June.

“I was happy when I was approached with the opportunity to film [this show],” began Jung Eun Ji. “Australia was the first place I went on a trip abroad by myself. I went during a break in promotions, so I wasn’t able to look around thoroughly. I thought that I’d be able to experience more things through ‘Sydney Sunshine’ and joyfully said I wanted to do it.”

After choosing English as the most memorable part of her trip, Jung Eun Ji said, “The director wouldn’t translate for me even when the camera wasn’t facing us. It hadn’t been a while since I began learning English, so I was startled. But I’ve now gained confidence in speaking English.”

She continued, “It was so great and vast in nature. Even if I’m with other people, I’m seeing it alone. I was able to experience what it means when something appears small from afar. I thought that I should relieve a lot of my stress and that everything depended on my thoughts. I also think that these experiences will help me a lot when I’m working on music or writing songs.”

“I hope the people who watch my trip will feel vicarious satisfaction through me,” concluded Jung Eun Ji. “I hope it’ll be a time where you can heal with your eyes and ears.”

“Jung Eun Ji’s Sydney Sunshine” premiered on July 23 at 5 p.m. KST on Lifetime’s YouTube channel and other digital platforms.

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