Song Hye Kyo’s Agency Takes Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors

Song Hye Kyo’s agency UAA has released a statement about their strong stance on malicious comments and rumors.

Hello. This is UAA.

On July 25, actress Song Hye Kyo’s agency UAA filed a complaint at the Bundang Police Station against a number of people who clearly violated the laws on defamation and insult.

[We] filed our first complaint at the Bundang Police Station for the people we completed gathering evidence for regarding malicious behavior, the spread of false rumors, and malicious and explicit slander and insult. The agency will file a complaint for all of the other communities, comments, and YouTubers as soon as we secure the evidence.

In relation to this lawsuit, [we] appointed law firm Kim & Chang as our legal representative on June 28 and prepared to take legal action.

Regarding the filing of the complaint, we inform you that we will take strong action without mercy or negotiation. We once again announce that there will be no negotiation in the second lawsuit we file as well.

[People] are continuing to create and spread groundless posts, malicious insult, and other unimaginable things about actress Song Hye Kyo. This has not only crossed the line of being socially acceptable, but it is also causing [Song Hye Kyo] unbearable pain.

Moving forward, we plan to take strong legal action against those who abuse their anonymity to indiscreetly create and spread rumors, and we hope that this will lead them to stop hurting others through their words.

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo is in talks to star in a new film.

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