Cast Of “Partners For Justice 2” Says Goodbye To Drama With Hopes For A Third Season

The cast of “Partners for Justice 2” shared their thoughts on the conclusion of their drama.

After premiering on June 3, the second season of the popular investigation series aired its final episode on July 29.

Jung Jae Young began, “First, I sincerely thank the viewers who loved and watched ‘Partners for Justice 2’ until now. If it wasn’t for all of you, there wouldn’t be a season two. Second, the director, writer, staff members, and co-stars! You worked so hard. I was happy during the long filming period of five months. Finally, you also worked hard Baek Bum! I’ll leave now!”

“It feels like not too long ago when I was happy hearing from the director that ‘Partners for Justice 2’ would begin. Time has flown by too quickly,” said Jung Yu Mi. “I want to tell all of the actors and staff members who worked hard on each and every scene that they really worked hard. More than anything, I want to sincerely say thank you to the viewers who loved season two.”

Oh Man Seok stated, “I’m just full of regret now that I have to say goodbye to Do Ji Ahn. I want to say thank you to all of the actors and staff members, including director No Do Chul and the writer who led the set with strong teamwork. More than anything, I sincerely thank the viewers for giving lots of love to ‘Partners for Justice 2,’ and I earnestly hope that I can see you again as Do Ji Han. Be careful with your health in this hot weather.”

“I was happy I could participate in a good project and that I could work with great senior actors,” said No Min Woo. “I developed insomnia from feeling burden and anxiety about my character who has multiple personality disorder and gave it my all during filming. I want express my gratitude to the director, writer, and all of the staff members who helped to make the set more comfortable than my sleep. Thanks to the joyful atmosphere on set, I was able to portray Doctor K a bit more comfortably. I learned something new and made good memories. Please continue to look forward to ‘Partners for Justice’ and please support me in the future.”

Kang Seung Hyun commented, “I was happy every second just for the fact that I was able to be with great senior actors and staff members in a well-made project like this, and I feel so grateful that it successfully ended with lots of love from viewers. Thank you to everyone who watched and supported ‘Partners for Justice 2.'”

Director No Do Chul concluded, “It was memorable how the actors were in awe of, encouraged, and praised each other’s acting, so the atmosphere was good and they tried to work harder. ‘Partners for Justice’ was the pride of everyone who participated in it. After taking some time to recharge, I hope to see you soon with an improved seasonal series and will briefly leave the set with sadness. Thank you to the devoted viewers who showered us with praise and support from start to finish.”

“Partners for Justice 2” aired its final episode on July 29.

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