Things Reach A Boiling Point Between Ong Seong Wu And Shin Seung Ho In “Moments Of 18”

Ong Seong Wu has finally reached his breaking point.

The JTBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Moments of 18” has shared new stills ahead of the upcoming episode showing Choi Joon Woo (played by Ong Seong Wu) grabbing Ma Hwi Young (played by Shin Seung Ho) by his shirt collar out of anger.


“Moments of 18” tells the story of youths who go through the ups and downs of adolescence and growing up. With the previous episode revealing why Choi Joon Woo had been forced to transfer from his old school, he returns to his school to find Ma Hwi Young trying to drive him out of the new school as well. Ma Hwi Young’s right hand man Lee Ki Tae (played by Lee Seung Min) does the dirty work to bring in the Joo Hyun Jang (played by Lee Seung Il) Family from his old school, who uses Shin Jung Hoo (played by Song Gun Hee) to drag Choi Joon Woo into trouble.

While this is going on, Choi Joon Woo and Shin Jung Hoo face another parting. Their faces are bruised and battered as they look into each other’s eyes and say goodbye. Even after Choi Joon Woo was transferred out, Shin Jung Hoo has been tormented by the Joo Hyun Jang Family. Though Choi Joon Woo looks worried, Shin Jung Hoo surprises him with an expression of relief as he waits to board his bus. Once he’s on it, a bitter smile takes over and he says, “It’s hell no matter where I go anyway.”

In a different photo, Ma Hwi Young looks very nervous, which is different from his usual self. As though things have finally reached a boiling point, Ma Hwi Young and Choi Joon Woo end up in a physical altercation with neither of them willing to back down.

The production staff said, “After Jung Hoo leaves, Joon Woo will go through many emotional changes as he faces the truth of everything. Please keep a close eye on the conflict between Joon Woo and Hwi Young.”

The next episode of “Moments of 18” will air on July 30 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Catch up with the latest episode below!

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