Gun Hoo And Na Eun’s Mother Anna Clarifies Her Comment About “The Return Of Superman” Screen Time

Na Eun and Gun Hoo’s mother Anna has spoken up to clarify misleading reports stating that she had asked for more screen time for her children on KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman.”

She wrote on her Instagram that Korean news outlets had mistranslated her response to someone’s question in English. She explained that she was asked a question regarding the show focusing more on Gun Hoo rather than Na Eun, and she had responded that it saddened her slightly. Some reporters misinterpreted her words and published misleading articles that made it seem like she had demanded more screen time for her kids.

She added that she found the reports ironic because she had asked for fewer—not more—filming days during a meeting for the show earlier this year.

Read her full explanation in her Instagram post below:

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Baby girl did her voice-over in 30 minutes ? . Something interesting has been happening today: Some Korean journalists have misinformed their readers by writing an article on a comment I did to another English speaker. . ▪️What really happened: I was asked about the focus that was being shifted fron Eden to Aciel, and I as a mother answered that indeed this was happening and that it made me a bit sad. That is it. ▪️What Korean journalists have reported: (I'm guessing because they used a translator instead of understanding the true meaning of the comment) that I am greedy and asking for more show time for my children. . I am upset by the lack of ability of these journalists, when they could simply reach out to me and ask if they had understood it correctly. Although there is a lot of supporting comments, and some well educated Koreans correcting these reporters, an increasing amount of people have taken it upon themselves to insult my family and I. . It's funny to me that, although during a meeting earlier this year I had asked for lesser filming days and that the kids appear every second episode, I am being portrayed in articles as greedy. . Again: I am not asking for more show time. I am not asking for more spotlight on the children. The question was about the focus being put on Aciel. . Dear journalist, (Yes, in English) if you're going to write an article based on an English comment, please get your facts straight. If you're not sure about what you're putting out there, or the consequences it may have, how about you come directly to me? Ask me anything. I don't bite. . To the rest of you peace loving supporters: sending you lots of love ????????????? . #EdenPark #이든 #박나은 #나은이 #ateEden #AcielPark #아시엘 #박건후 #건후 #pipipaus

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