Starship Trainees From “Produce X 101” Share Stories From The Show, Inspirations, And More

Starship Entertainment trainees Koo Jung Mo, Ham Won Jin, and Moon Hyun Bin discussed their experience on “Produce X 101,” their lives after the show, and more in a fun V Live broadcast!

On July 31, the three trainees gathered for their first live broadcast since the conclusion of Mnet’s “Produce X 101” and answered questions about themselves and their time on the survival program.

When asked about his activities following the finale, Koo Jung Mo replied, “I went back to being a trainee and started practicing hard again. I had a lot of good experiences through ‘Produce X 101,’ so it was nice.”

Moon Hyun Bin commented, “I’m working hard again after going back to trainee life. I’m using the experiences I gained through ‘Produce X 101’ as a step towards my improvement.”

Ham Won Jin added, “I’m practicing hard in order to meet our fans sooner. I think I matured a lot through ‘Produce X 101.'”

Moon Hyun Bin mentioned UP10TION‘s Lee Jin Hyuk as the most memorable person from the show for him. He said, “Lots of people helped me out, but when I became the center for ‘Blood Sweat & Tears,’ I felt really pressured. I didn’t show that I was having a hard time, but Jin Hyuk noticed and asked me if there was something I was struggling with.”

“The first time I ever opened up about what I was dealing with was to Jin Hyuk,” he added. “I was able to gain strength while practicing after that because he cheered me on.”

Ham Won Jin also spoke about his friendship with fellow Starship trainee Song Hyeong Jun, who is now a member of X1. He said, “I really like Hyeong Jun, but during ‘Produce X 101’ he became close to [Jellyfish Entertainment trainee Kim] Min Kyu.”

He continued, “I once jokingly got jealous about Min Kyu to Hyeong Jun, but then Hyeong Jun said to me, ‘Don’t you treat other younger trainees nicely, too?’ Hyeong Jun was so cute while saying that. The conclusion is that Hyeong Jun is cute.”

Koo Jung Mo further revealed why he wanted to become an idol, saying, “For a long time, I liked making music. I’m also a fan of BTS‘s V and thought he was so cool after going to see some of his performances. I was inspired and thought to myself that I want to show a cool side of myself and let audiences feel my emotions like V.”

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