TWICE Gives Touching Speeches And Mentions Mina As They Win 2 Awards At 2019 M2 X Genie Music Awards, Including A Daesang

TWICE celebrated with Mina and their fans as they received two awards at the 2019 M2 X Genie Music Awards.

At the August 1 ceremony for the music award show, TWICE won the Daesang (grand prize) for Best Selling Artist. They also received the Female Group award.

TWICE attended the ceremony with eight members, as Mina is currently on hiatus due to health issues.

Dahyun said, “Thank you so much for such a precious award,” and she shared their gratitude for everyone at JYP including the staff, founder Park Jin Young, and their managers. She added, “Also, I want to share the joy of this award with Mina.”

She went on to express their gratitude to their fans ONCE. She said, “Thank you, ONCE! We’ll never take the generous love you give us for granted. Thank you.”

Nayeon then said, “We’re nobody but I feel like we’ve become special thanks to ONCE. You’re watching over us by our side during both good and bad times, and we’re so, so grateful. Just as you support us, we’ll work hard to show you a good image with all nine of us. So please wait for it, and let’s all be healthy! Thank you!”

When accepting the award for the Female Group, TWICE also mentioned Mina. Jihyo said, “Firstly, thank you so much to our ONCE who always give us such great awards.”

She also added, “Although there are eight of us today, Mina will come back soon and we’ll return as an even better, cooler, and prettier TWICE together with all nine of us.”

She then passed the mic to Sana, who yelled with a big smile, “Mina, we won an award!”

See the full list of winners here.

Congratulations to TWICE!

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