“Welcome 2 Life” Writer On Casting Rain, Lim Ji Yeon, And Kwak Si Yang + Names Reasons To Watch Drama

Ahead of the premiere of MBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Welcome 2 Life,” writer Yoo Hee Kyung talked about the main cast.

“Welcome 2 Life,” starring Rain, Lim Ji Yeon, and Kwak Si Yang, is an investigative romantic comedy about a selfish lawyer named Lee Jae Sang (played by Rain) who, due to an accident, falls into a parallel world, where he starts life anew as an upright prosecutor.

Writer Yoo Hee Kyung talked about the unwavering trust she has in the lead cast, saying, “A big characteristic of my writing is that it straddles the line between a comedy and a conventional drama. I’m aiming to write a drama where viewers will be rolling the floor laughing one second, then bawling their eyes out the next. Because of this, I needed actors with a range of acting ability that would allow them to do both the comedy and the drama.”

The writer said, “With that in mind, Rain is someone I really wanted to cast. We met and did readings, and he’s quick on his feet beyond your imagination, and he’s a smart actor. Moreover, he gets himself immersed in his character well, so even I, as the writer, got sucked into the drama during the reading.”

Yoo Hee Kyung said she has been a fan of Lim Ji Yeon since the actress’s debut. “She was such a fresh face that I fell for her. The character of Ra Si On may seem tough, but she’s much more loving. Lim Ji Yeon in real life is really easy-going and full of energy, so I thought she’d be perfect for the role.”

What she loved about Kwak Si Yang was his duality. Physically, he’s very masculine, but he’s played the “sweet guy” role well thus far. His character Goo Dong Taek is just like that. He doesn’t hold back when chasing the bad guys, but he’s also soft when it comes to the woman he loves and protects.”

The juxtaposition of romantic comedy and investigation is why viewers should tune in to the drama, said the writer. “From the perspective of genre, the drama goes back and forth between a romantic comedy and investigative drama. It’s great to watch on hot summer nights, with its comedy and chilling tension.”

“Welcome 2 Life” premieres August 5 at 8:55 p.m. KST on MBC.

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