Oh Jung Yeon Posts About Cheating Ex-Boyfriend With Screenshot Including Kangta And Woo Joo Ahn’s Names

Update: Woo Joo Ahn Responds To Oh Jung Yeon’s Post Referencing Her And Kangta

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TV personality Oh Jung Yeon took to Instagram on August 2 to share a post that many are linking to the recent reports of Kangta and Woo Joo Ahn’s relationship.

On August 1, rumors began that H.O.T’s Kangta and racing model Woo Joo Ahn were dating after she posted a video on her Instagram of herself and Kangta being affectionate with each other. SM Entertainment clarified that the video was old and the pair had broken up years ago. Woo Joo Ahn posted to apologize and explain that they had recently begun to meet again after their breakup, but on August 2 both Kangta and Woo Joo Ahn confirmed that they decided to end their relations.

Later that day, Oh Jung Yeon posted a screenshot on Instagram of trending search terms on a portal site, which include Kangta and Woo Joo Ahn’s names.

She wrote the following:

If I’ve been dating someone for half a year and meeting them every day, and then I discover my partner in bed with another woman?
It is of course a shock.

If that person, who had said they were going to sleep early but secretly was spending time with another woman, were to appear in a confident manner?
The shock is doubled.

In addition, if that partner was someone that I had thought of as an idol since I was young?
It has such an enormous impact that it makes everything in the world that I’ve seen, heard, and believed feel like a lie.

This is something I personally experienced two years ago,
And after that I was incredibly hurt and suffered for a long time.

I managed to overcome it and have been living happily,
but yesterday and today the names of those two people have been appearing in the realtime search rankings, and after I saw that the nightmare came back to me clearly.

A shameless person who makes someone else cry tears of blood should be punished,
but won’t they just handle it as though there’s been no issue and keep working…
Is it useless to hope for a world in which there is justice?

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반 년 가량 진지한 만남을 이어가며 하루가 멀다하고 만나온 연인이 다른 여자와 한 침대에서 발견되면? 충격일 수밖에 없다. ⠀ 일찍 자겠다더니 몰래 여자와 시간을 보내고 있던 그 사람이 오히려 당당하게 나왔다면? 충격은 배가된다. ⠀ 더구나 그 연인이 내가 어릴적부터 우상으로 생각해왔던 사람이라면? 내가 보고, 듣고, 믿어왔던 세상의 모든 것이 다 거짓으로 느껴지게 될 정도의 어마어마한 파장이 일어난다. ⠀ 이 일은 2년 전 내가 직접 겪은 일이고, 나는 그 이후 크나큰 상처를 받아 참 오래도록 아주 힘들었다. ⠀ 어렵게 극복해 행복하게 잘 살고 있는데, 어제오늘 실검에 떠있는 두 당사자들의 이름을 보니 다시 그 악몽이 선명하게 떠오른다. ⠀ 남의 눈에 피눈물 나게 하고도 뻔뻔한 사람은 벌을 받아야 마땅하겠지만, 또 아무일 없다는 듯이 잘 수습해서 활동하고 살아가겠지… 최소한의 도리가 살아숨쉬는 세상이 되길 바라는 건 진정 헛일일까…?

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It was also reported on August 1 that Kangta has been dating Jung Yu Mi for two years, however their agencies denied the reports.

Kangta’s Instagram account has now been placed on private.

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