Ji Sung’s New Drama “Doctor John” Takes No. 1 In Its Time Slot

SBS’s new medical drama “Doctor John” is gaining steam!

“Doctor John” is a suspenseful new drama about doctors specializing in pain management. Ji Sung stars in the drama as Cha Yo Han, a genius anesthesiologist who is famous for his ability to assess patients in just 10 seconds, while Lee Se Young stars as Kang Si Young, a highly intelligent anesthesiology resident who was born into a family of doctors and has a painful past.

According to Nielsen Korea, the August 2 episode of “Doctor John” took first place in its time slot across all channels. The fifth episode scored average viewership ratings of 8.5 percent and 10.8 percent nationwide (9.3 percent and 11.3 percent in the Seoul metropolitan area), with a peak of 12.7 percent for the night.


The latest episode of the drama featured a flashback to Kang Si Young’s father’s rock climbing accident, as well as her failed attempts to get him proper medical attention in time. Returning to the present, Cha Yo Han comforted the tearful Kang Si Young by telling her, “Right now, your father needs both a doctor and a daughter.”

Later on, after prosecutor Son Seok Ki (played by Lee Kyu Hyung) happened to run into Kang Si Young, he informed her that he was the one who had put Cha Yo Han behind bars. Reminding her that a doctor’s power could be deadly, he asked, “What if Yo Han tries to do the same thing he did three years ago?”

The episode then ended on a tense cliffhanger as Cha Yo Han entered the scene, warning Son Seok Ki over the phone to stay away from Kang Si Young.

The next episode of “Doctor John” will air on August 3 at 10 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the latest episode of the drama below!

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