“Show Me The Money 8” Contestant Mattrix Apologizes For Profane Comments And Threats Toward Swings

Rapper Mattrix has apologized for the profane comments he made about Swing on his Instagram Stories.

Mattrix is currently a contestant on “Show Me the Money 8,” where Swings is a producer.

Previously, on the August 2 broadcast of “Show Me the Money,” Mattrix held his 60-second audition in front of the producers.

After advancing to the next round, Mattrix directly insulted the producers. He said. “Do you know why I’m on this show? Because the fact that the people here are earning money is ********. It seems like everyone here isn’t as good as me, but you’re sitting here so comfortably.”

Millic said, “You’re not that good,” but Mattrix shot back, “You’re free to think that way, but I’ll walk my own path.”

Swings, who had shown confidence in Mattrix during the first round of auditions, was stunned at the sudden confrontation. “People say a lot of s*** about me, but I didn’t know I’d be cussed out by a ten-something-year hoobae (junior).”

Mattrix promptly responded to Swings on his Instagram Stories. He said, “This is ridiculous. I saw there was an article about the [‘Show Me the Money’] broadcast so I read it, and Swings said, ‘Being criticized by a ten-something-year hoobae is like s***.’ It’s more ‘like s***’ for me.”

He went on, “When was there ever a sunbae or a hoobae in hip hop? I don’t understand. Is it everything if you’re older? It’s because of old men like you that Korean hip hop is flopping.”

“You think I couldn’t ******* kill you? I could actually kill a person, you ************. Say it to my face.”

As his comments gained more and more traction, Mattrix apologized, although he said his opinion has not changed.

He said, “I’ve acknowledged the severity of my wrongs and taken everything down. I apologize. But my thoughts about Swings have not changed. Seeing someone who has influence and is at the center of hip hop going on about sunbaes and hoobaes and becoming exactly like the old men that he hates was, from my point of view, disappointing. I don’t think my opinion will change no matter what all of you say to me.”

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