Watch: EXID’s Solji Makes Triumphant Return To “Immortal Songs” After 3 Years With Beautiful Performance

EXID’s Solji appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Songs” for the first time in three years.

On the August 3 episode, Solji joined Ben, Nilo, 2AM’s Changmin, GB9, and Park Si Hwan for the Kim Bum Soo special.

Solji began, “I really wanted to appear on the Kim Bum Soo special. He’s so good at singing and is strong. I want to become a singer like Kim Bum Soo. Since it’s my first appearance on ‘Immortal Songs’ after three years, I want to leave a good performance.”

About choosing “I Miss You,” she explained, “It’s such a famous and good song, so I worked hard to capture the emotions of the original. I hope you’ll focus on emotions and feelings.” Solji had appeared on the show four times thus far and had lost every single time. She added, “I hope to achieve even just one win.”

The EXID member was the fifth performance of the night and performed an emotional rendition of “I Miss You,” earning endless applause from the audience.

Praising Solji, Kim Bum Soo said, “I think Solji must’ve had many difficulties while preparing, and I’m surprised that this song can evolve like this. I was shocked by the new arrangement. I think she’s a singer who sings ballads the best out of all of the girl group main vocalists. She did such a good job singing ‘I Miss You,’ which is a song I also always have trouble singing.”

g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo commented, “After watching today’s performance, I think that she’s not only the best girl group vocalist, but the best vocalist period.” Ben added, “I’m envious because she has a totally different voice than me. It has sadness, but also sounds sexy.”

Solji earned 420 points and beat Park Si Hwan, who got 418 points.

Check out Solji’s performance below:

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