Watch: Kim Jaejoong Experiences The Strangest Job Interview Of His Life In “Extreme Interview” Teaser

Playlist’s new variety show “Extreme Interview” has released a teaser featuring its first guest, Kim Jaejoong!

“Extreme Interview” is a program in which celebrities take on the challenge of getting employed. These stars, who have never experienced preparing for employment, must go through a series of tests in order to pass their first-ever job interview.

The first episode will star Kim Jaejoong as he shows off his cooking skills in the hopes of becoming a new rookie producer for a cooking program.

In his preview, he is first seen filling out a resume. When he comes to the section of desired salary, he comments, “Oh, this is pretty important.” The mystery amount he puts down — complete with a heart at the end — leaves his interviewers in shock.

However, it appears that the surprises don’t stop there. At one point, Kim Jaejoong says, “Until now, I’ve introduced [bleep] to many people around the world,” and the interviewer asks, “Are you revealing this for the first time?” He is further shown discussing the lowest point in his life and perhaps even getting emotional.

The interview rapidly becomes less and less conventional, and the veteran idol is subject to several strange trials that leave him flustered and dumbfounded. At the end, the interviewer states to Jaejoong as he is wearing a frilly pink apron, “You’re doing all sorts of things just to get into this company.”

A source from Playlist stated, “Please look forward to Kim Jaejoong’s display of his experience and signature wit as he faces several confusing situations. His ‘Extreme Interview’ will capture the hearts of the interviewers and viewers alike.”

Check out the teaser here!

Kim Jaejoong’s episode of “Extreme Interview” will be available August 11 on streaming platforms such as YouTube and Naver TV.

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