11 K-Pop Idol Scare Moments That Cracked Us Up

Idols: they’re just like us! While they may appear cool and chic on-camera, their true personalities always find a way to shine through. The best example: when they fall victim to a good old-fashioned scare! There’s nothing like an unexpected spook to loosen things up a little, and the resulting chaos is pretty much always sheer hilarity. From meme-worthy facial expressions to full-body reactions that had us crying with laughter, these idols took one for the fans and (maybe unwittingly) delivered all the LOLs. For 11 of the funniest idol scares we’ve ever seen, just keep reading!

1. BTS’s game of “Flinch”

“Flinch” is a segment on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” designed to test guests’ bravery and find out which stars truly have nerves of steel. Safe behind a pane of bulletproof glass, the members of BTS fought to maintain straight faces and unwavering coolness as high-pressured fruit was fired at them — to varying degrees of success! The resulting reactions are the stuff of talk show legend, and the slow-mo cams are pure gold. Only J-Hope could manage to fall over with such style!

2. GFRIEND’s Yerin’s VR surprise

When Choi Yoojung of Weki Meki planned out a fun day of VR games for GFRIEND’s Yerin, she wanted to help her friend get over her fear of heights. What Yerin didn’t know was that meant that she was going to get totally pranked mid-game! Yoojung’s devious plan resulted in a hilarious scream and full-body flinch from Yerin as her character fell all 106 floors down to the street. Her character just kept on falling, and her reaction just kept on going!

3. EXO’s Chanyeol’s stage scare(s)

Fireworks and confetti cannons are often a part of the special effects at concerts and shows, so you’d think that experienced idols like EXO’s Chanyeol would be used to them by now. Nope! As this compilation shows, EXO’s giant beagle is very prone to surprise by special effect. There’s a handful of other hilarious Chanyeol scares mixed in here as well, and even some reactions from other EXO members! His jumpiness only adds to his puppy-like personality, and is one of the many reasons EXO-Ls adore him.

4. ITZY’s Chaeryeong’s confetti scare

Turns out that Chanyeol’s in good company — he’s definitely not the only idol who’s been a little startled by the stage effects! ITZY’s main dancer Chaeryeong also experienced a sudden surprise during rehearsals for their “Dalla Dalla” stage, in spite of the fact that staff had warned them about the incoming confetti cannon. She must’ve gotten over her initial shock though, because their performance turned out totally flawless!

5. SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups’s legendary fall

We couldn’t talk about unexpected stage spooks without mentioning this legendary moment from SEVENTEEN’s early days. While there are idols that flinch like Chanyeol or squeal like Chaeryeong in the face of stage effects, we’ve never seen a reaction quite as iconic as the time S.Coups completely fell over after a firework went off near him. Thankfully, he was not harmed, and he seems to have grown past his fear. Character development, indeed!

6. BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s butterfly fright

BLACKPINK’s Jennie received quite the scare on the set of “Running Man,” but not from somewhere that she might’ve expected! Her fear over an innocent little butterfly is guaranteed giggles, and the hosts’ confusion at her total overreaction is just as hilarious. She was so scared that her eyes even started watering! Fans noted that Jennie’s amazing reactions make her prime variety show material, and this moment is definitely proof of that.

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7. Stray Kids’ Han at Lotte World

Stray Kids visited Lotte World as part of their ongoing series called “The 9th,” and the high-energy boy group was filled with excitement at the prospect of a fun day at an amusement park. Stays were treated to all sorts of quality shenanigans, including an up-close cam of rap god and part-time squirrel Han on a rollercoaster. The editors showed him no mercy as they hilariously captioned every scream, and the soulless look in his eyes as the ride screeches to a halt didn’t go unnoticed either!

8. TWICE’s Dahyun in Switzerland

Dahyun definitely seemed less than excited when TWICE visited the Schilthorn in Switzerland and decided to give the Thrill Walk a try. Their trip was filled with dizzyingly gorgeous mountain views, but it seems that Dahyun was too stressed to appreciate them much! Her adorable reactions to the (perfectly safe) high-flying adventure had ONCEs rolling with laughter, and the other members who sweetly helped her along seemed to find the whole thing pretty funny as well.

9. X1’s Nam Do Hyon’s ghost prank

The ghost prank is a familiar segment for habitual “Produce” viewers, and fans have been treated to dozens of hilarious scares over the seasons. However, one that will surely live in infamy belonged to 14-year-old Nam Do Hyon. The young rapper was famous for his ultra-cool stage persona during his time on the show, but his facade was completely broken during this surprise prank. He’s so shocked that he even gazelle-leaps in fear, and we’d feel bad for laughing if his overreaction wasn’t so utterly hilarious!

10. Red Velvet’s ghost prank

Nam Do Hyon is far from the only victim of a ghost prank — the members of Red Velvet all fell for one too! When the group visited “Make Me Viral” back in 2017, they were greeted by a very unexpected guest as they were watching a compilation of their own stage scares. Their terrified reactions to a black-haired ghost sprinting across the set is laughter-inducing chaos, and surprisingly it seems that the youngest member Yeri was the one who held it together the most!

11. GOT7’s Mark scaring BamBam

The ghost prank GOT7’s manager played on them is entirely hilarious, but there’s just something about the knowledge that it’s BamBam’s fellow group member Mark beneath that wig that makes everything 10 times funnier when he sprints out of the room. His reaction to the prank video is relatively tame (nothing like Jackson’s terrified scream!), but when he books it down the hall after the Mark-ghost emerges from beneath the table his extra personality is fully revealed.

What are your favorite idol scare moments? Does your fave get scared easily? Tell us in the comments!

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