Update: Cha Ye Ryun And Choi Myung Gil Confirmed For Lead Roles In New Drama

Updated September 25 KST:

Cha Ye Ryun has been confirmed for KBS2’s upcoming drama “Elegant Mother and Daughter” (literal title) along with Choi Myung Gil!

The drama tells the story of a woman who is used by her mother as a tool for revenge and falls into a dangerous love. The drama will provide a story packed with revenge and romance.

Choi Myung Gil will play Carrie Jung, who loses her child and husband and turns into the incarnation of revenge. She has lived her entire life with the single goal of destroying her enemy’s family. Choi Myung Gil’s recent drama “Mother of Mine” achieved spectacular viewership ratings, raising anticipation for her new project.

Cha Ye Ryun will be playing Han Yoo Jin, who gets swept up in the adults’ messy tangle of greed, wrongdoing, resentment, and revenge. She is a masterpiece created by her mother for the purpose of revenge.

“Elegant Mother and Daughter” will premiere on November 4.

Watch Choi Myung Gil in “Mother of Mine” below!

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15 years since her debut, Cha Ye Ryun may be taking her first-ever lead role in a drama!

On August 6, TV Report reported that Cha Ye Ryun would be starring in KBS2’s upcoming drama, “Elegant Mother and Daughter” (literal title).

Following the report, her agency HB Entertainment responded saying, “Cha Ye Ryun received an offer for the lead role in KBS2’s new drama ‘Elegant Mother and Daughter’ and is currently looking over it.”

The drama tells the story of how a mother and daughter get tied up with getting revenge and the tragic scenarios they must experience, endure, and overcome.

If she accepts the role, Cha Ye Ryun will play Han Yoo Jin, the incarnation of revenge. While she is someone who will get revenge even against the man she loves, she becomes weak when faced with a different truth. It will be her first drama since “Perfume,” which ended last month. The role will also be the actress’s first leading role in a drama since her debut in 2004.

“Elegant Mother and Daughter” is set to premiere sometime this October.

Watch the first episode of “Perfume” with English subtitles below!

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