Update: Sunmi Delivers Captivating Message Teaser For “Lalalay” Comeback

Updated August 23 KST:

Sunmi shared a message teaser for her return with “Lalalay”!

Updated August 22 KST:

Sunmi has shared a new set of teasers for her upcoming comeback with “Lalalay”!

Updated August 21 KST:

Sunmi shared two more teaser photos for “Lalalay”!

Updated August 20 KST:

Sunmi released a moving teaser for her comeback with “Lalalay”!

Updated August 19 KST: 

Sunmi has shared another teaser for her upcoming comeback!

Updated August 18 KST:

Another teaser photo has been released for Sunmi’s comeback!

Check it out below!

Updated August 17 KST:

Sunmi has released more details about her upcoming comeback!

She shared the below image with the caption “Do u want to be a Lalalay?” The title stems from the Korean word which means “Delinquent.” According to the image, Sunmi wrote the lyrics and co-composed the track. She has been teasing the title on her personal Twitter account throughout the week.

Original Article:

Sunmi has shared news about her return!

According to a beautiful teaser photo featuring a butterfly, the songstress will be making a comeback on August 27 at 6 p.m. KST. It was recently reported that Sunmi’s comeback will be with a self-composed track.

Stay tuned for more information!

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