Watch: “Ask Us Anything” Shares Behind-The-Scenes Video From SEVENTEEN’s Upcoming Guest Appearance

On August 7, JTBC shared a self-filmed behind-the-scenes video from SEVENTEEN’s upcoming guest appearance on “Ask Us Anything.”

In the video, Seungkwan takes on the role of MC (and part-time cameraman) to interview the other members as they hang out in the waiting room before their recording.

Each member was given a question to answer. Jeonghan shared his goals for the day’s recording, while Dino was asked which member he’d like to talk informally with. (Dino is the youngest member of SEVENTEEN and therefore uses formal speech.) Dino picked Hoshi and said, “Hey, Hoshi, I’m thirsty.” Hoshi was silent for a few seconds and then said (in formal speech), “What do you want me to do about it?”

Woozi, who composes and produces music, was asked which member he’d like to give a treasured song to. Woozi responded, “I always give all my treasured songs to the other members.” When forced to pick a member, he said, “DK looked really cool when he was in his musical.”

The8 was asked which member he thought was the most fashionable and he responded without hesitation, “Me.” When Seungkwan asked who he thought was least fashionable, The8 responded, “You.” Jun added to this by saying that he thought he would be a better MC than Seungkwan. DK was asked to pick his favorite musical number and he and Hoshi spontaneously recreated a scene from the musical.

Mingyu was asked which member he would date if he was a girl and he said, “Me.” Seungkwan then changed his question to say, “Would you buy dinner for SEVENTEEN today or not?” and when Mingyu said he would, everyone in the group celebrated.

Hoshi was asked which choreography was the hardest for him and responded by dancing a part of “HIT.” This threw Seungkwan off because the song had not yet been revealed at the time of the recording.

As the leader, S.Coups was asked which member was the hardest to manage. He dodged the question by saying, “Myself.” Joshua came up with an acrostic poem based on his name, Wonwoo was asked to rap about his feelings for their “Ask Us Anything” appearance, and Vernon was asked to describe their recording in a four-character Chinese idiom.

Check out the video with English subtitles below!

SEVENTEEN’s guest appearance will air on August 10 at 9 p.m. KST.

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