Tony From “Produce X 101” Announces Fan Meeting + To Be Managed By FNC Entertainment With Wei Zi Yue

“Produce X 101” contestant Tony will be meeting with his fans!

On August 8, it was announced that the aspiring idol will be holding his first solo fan meeting, “Under the Blue Sky,” on August 24 at the Whitecaps Art Center in Seoul.

Tony will take this time to express gratitude and repay fans for giving him lots of love during his time on “Produce X 101.” As a Chinese-Canadian, Tony was the only foreign trainee who made it to the top 20 finale of the idol survival show. He grabbed viewers’ attention with his cute appearance and consistent efforts, which secured him the center position for the third concept evaluation song “Monday to Sunday.”

On August 7, HONGYI Entertainment revealed that FNC Entertainment would be in charge of Korean promotions for Tony and Wei Zi Yue.

The full statement is below:

Hello. This is HONGYI Entertainment. Our trainees Wei Zi Yue and Tony (Yeo Kyung Chun) appeared on “Produce X 101.” They received lots of support and love from fans in many countries including Korea and China.

To repay fans for your support and love, we’re constantly reviewing ways for the two trainees to promote in various places including Korea and China.

Therefore, considering the fact that we’re located in China, we’re in discussion to give full authority to FNC Entertainment for all Korean management, promotions, and business matters regarding Wei Zi Yue and Tony (Yeo Kyung Chun).

We want to thank all of the fans for your support once again, and ask for your continued love and interest. Thank you.

Tickets for Tony’s first fan meeting will be released on August 9 at 12 p.m. KST on FNC’s website.

*A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Tony was Korean-Canadian.

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