12 K-Pop Girl Group Ballads That Non-Fans Are Missing Out On

Most K-pop fans are probably familiar with the bops that girl groups release as title tracks, but it usually takes a more dedicated fan to give a chance to their B-side tracks and special singles. Included in these are the hidden gems of emotional ballads, through which girl groups showcase their dazzling voices and talents.

Here are some of the many girl group ballads you may be missing out on:

MAMAMOO – “A Little Bit” (2015)

MAMAMOO is known for their killer vocals, so a ballad sung by the four is bound to be jaw-dropping. They prove their talents through “A Little Bit,” showcasing their powerful raw voices and also showing impressive control as they switch to falsetto. Such a blessing to our ears…

BLACKPINK – “Hope Not” (2019)

One of BLACKPINK’s greatest strengths is the uniqueness of each of the member’s voices, and this quality especially shines in “Hope Not.” The depth of Jennie’s voice at the beginning will give you goosebumps, and then you will continue to be awed as the other members enter the song one by one. Such rich vocal colors!

LABOUM – “Heal Song” (2018)

Exactly as the title indicates, this is the song to listen to when you need some healing. LABOUM’s soothing voices sing comforting lyrics such as, “Everything will be okay once this night passes,” that feel like a pat on the back after a long day. What is most impressive is that the maknae Solbin worked on the composition and lyrics for this masterpiece.

Red Velvet – “Would U” (2017)

For those who tend to stray away from ballads, “Would U” is a good song to start with. It still has the qualities of a ballad, but it is livelier and more rhythmical than most of the songs on the list and will have you humming along in no time. Red Velvet’s heart-fluttering voices make “Would U” the perfect choice for a spring playlist.

Girls’ Generation-TTS – “Love Sick” (2012)

Being the power vocals of Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun could really just sing the “ABC Song” and make it sound luxurious. So when they sing a ballad with a gorgeous melody and great instrumentation, the result is pure gold. Over seven years have passed, but this song will never get old.

Oh My Girl – “I Can See Your Lies” (2016)

This Oh My Girl track is actually a remake of Kim Hyun Chul’s jazzy ballad from 1998.

The veteran singer’s sophisticated melody proves to be timeless two decades later, and Oh My Girl’s charming voices make it an even more enjoyable listen for modern day ballad fans. Mimi’s rap is a new addition to the song that enhances it even more!

WJSN – “Star” (2019)

As large of a group WJSN is, they have a diverse range of beautiful vocal colors that really come alive in the song “Star,” which was released early this year. The sweetness of Dayoung’s voice is perfect in capturing your attention at the beginning, and the members’ harmonies and falsetto above the string accompaniment makes the song feel like the soundtrack for a fairytale.

Wonder Girls – “It’s Not Love” (2007)

It’s amazing that all of the Wonder Girls members were teenagers, with the youngest members being in middle school, when “It’s Not Love” was released. Although their voices sound young, such deep and mature emotions can be felt through this R&B track. Produced by Park Jin Young, he once again showed that he writes beautiful ballad melodies.

IZ*ONE – “Really Like You” (2019)

Over the instrumentation of acoustic guitar and string instruments, the lovely vocal tones of the IZ*ONE members are clearly emphasized in “Really Like You.” The contrast of Jo Yu Ri’s soulful voice and Kim Chae Won’s delicate voice is such a perfect opening for this track. The song is even more special as Kim Min Ju and Honda Hitomi participated in the lyrics about the group’s friendship.

TWICE – “Be as ONE” (2018)

TWICE is generally known for their energetic title tracks, but many are missing out on the beauty of the group’s ballads. A favorite among fans is “Be as ONE,” which was first released in Japanese and then also in Korean. It’s hard to pick a favorite part in the song, but Mina’s voice above the piano accompaniment at the 3-minute mark is simply breathtaking.

Apink – “LUV (Ballad Ver.)” (2016)

Different from the other tracks in this article, this is the ballad version of Apink’s 2014 hit “LUV,” which is originally a dance track. Because Apink’s title tracks have such pretty melodies, they can flawlessly transform into ballads as demonstrated by “LUV.” The track will immediately captivate you with Jung Eun Ji’s voice at the beginning!

GFRIEND – “Bye” (2018)

This GFRIEND track is reminiscent of classic Korean ballads due to the melody and dramatic orchestral accompaniment. Although all of the members’ vocals shine, Yuju especially demonstrates why she is such a recognized main vocalist as she effortlessly pours in emotion into all the high notes.

Girl group fans, what are your favorite ballads that you would like to recommend? Let us know in the comments below! 

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