Timeless Glamour: Inside IU’s Hauntingly Beautiful Fashion From “Hotel Del Luna”

We thought we knew K-drama fashion until IU came along in “Hotel Del Luna” and changed everything. In her role as Jang Man Wol, a one-thousand-year-old hotelier in charge of a hotel for ghosts, IU channels all the best trends of the past millennium to give her otherworldly character an unparalleled fashion sense that’s like nothing we’ve ever seen. Man Wol is glamorous, graceful, and ethereal as a goddess — so let’s appreciate some of her best looks!

Old-fashioned flair

Man Wol has lived through countless fashion trends in the thousand years she’s been around, and she’s not afraid to continually return to some looks that give off old-fashioned vibes. These high collars, puffy sleeves, and shimmery jewel tones are both timelessly classic and hauntingly beautiful.

Often these looks are upgraded with a modern flair like shorter lengths or necklines, but Man Wol accessorizes with brooches, jewels, fans, and gloves that maintain an old-fashioned feel.

Goddess effect

Man Wol is not quite a ghost, technically, but as a part of the realm of spirits and deities, she frequently channels otherworldly vibes in her wardrobe with long, flowing dresses.

Goddess-like hairstyles and jewelry further enhance the effect, like Man Wol’s crown of braids and glittering jewels with this gorgeous cream dress:

Or her high ponytail and statement earrings in this stunning red piece:

Even a simple black silhouette is transformed into an otherworldly look with its gold accents and matching golden hairpiece, making Man Wol look menacing yet divine.

Crowned like a queen

Speaking of divine, Man Wol adorns her hair with all kinds of goddess-like accessories, from stunning, sparkling hair clips:

To gorgeous hairpins that dance delightfully with her movements.

But they’re not all for show, as Man Wol proves when she uses one as a weapon against an evil spirit. Now that’s what we call looking sharp!

Hats, hats, hats

When she’s not framing her face with something sparkly, Man Wol’s hat game is to die for. Beautifully floppy, business-like black, darling red…

We can’t get enough of these breathtaking hats!

Fearlessly feminine

Man Wol can also pull off some boldly feminine looks that channel her charm while signaling that she is large and in charge: she looks every part the rich hotelier with these boss-lady skirt suits and dresses in feminine florals, powder blues, and bright pinks. Man Wol also never forgets to accessorize with coordinated clutches, jewelry, and gloves, or statement necklaces and sunglasses!

Modern badass

But this girl is not all florals and frills. We’re also head over heels for her modern looks, like this red leather jacket with gold accents, bold shades, and statement hoops:

As well as this subtly sexy black dress with silver accents, which she pairs with a matching silver clutch and earrings.

Nailing the details

Man Wol’s attention to detail is impeccable, and she ups her accessory game even more by making sure her hands are always as fashion-forward as the rest of her. From flawlessly manicured nails to gorgeous rings — all color-coordinated with her outfits, of course — Man Wol’s hands are exquisitely adorned.

Stylish specs

We’re also obsessed with Man Wol’s trendy eyewear, and she impresses us not only with her variety of shades…

But also with her chic reading glasses, which give her a mature, wise vibe… as she schemes up ways to make money off of her ghostly clientele so she can buy more fancy clothes and cars.

Costume party

If we weren’t already convinced that “Hotel Del Luna” is just an excuse to put IU in one stunning outfit after another, our suspicions were confirmed when we saw her in costumes ranging from queenly hanbok….

To traditional wedding robes…

To even an Audrey Hepburn-inspired look.

And we can’t get enough!

Glamorous nightwear

Fashion never sleeps, and Man Wol somehow manages to look lovely even in her pajamas (and even when hungover — seriously, what is her secret?). Elegant, loose-fitting florals in beautifully luxuriant colors make Man Wol fashion goals at any time of the day or night.

For more of Man Wol’s best looks, be sure to check out the Instagram account that IU made for her character! (Could she get any cuter?)

Hey Soompiers, what are your favorite fashion moments from “Hotel Del Luna”? Has Man Wol given you some inspiration for your own wardrobe? Let’s fangirl/boy over these gorgeous looks in the comments!

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