Lee Jin Hyuk From “Produce X 101” Reunites With Lee Se Jin And Kim Min Kyu At His 1st Solo Fan Meeting

Lee Se Jin and Kim Min Kyu showed their support for Lee Jin Hyuk at his fan meeting!

On August 10, Lee Jin Hyuk held his first solo fan meeting “Lee Jin Hyuk: Hae [T.Y.F.L]” at Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Palace. (The Korean word “Hae” literally means “to do,” but has colloquially evolved to take on the meaning of supporting someone as well. The word also means “sun” in Korean, alluding to the idol’s nickname “baby sun.”

Tickets sold out immediately upon release, and fellow “Produce X 101” contestants Lee Se Jin and Kim Min Kyu showed their friendship with the singer by making a surprise appearance.

After the event, Kim Min Kyu posted photos and a fun video clip from the event. He wrote, “Congratulations to our charismatic general Jin Hyuk on his fan meeting, hehe. P.S. I went with our poet Se Jin to congratulate him.” He added the hashtags, “Jin Hyuk hyung,” “fan meeting,” “Se Jin hyung,” “Kim Min Kyu,” and “Congratulations!!”

Lee Jin Hyuk also shared his own photos and thoughts from the memorable day. Posting a photo of himself with Lee Se Jin and Kim Min Kyu, he wrote, “Today’s ‘X’ friends are?! Min Kyu and Se Jin! Thanks for coming.”

In a separate post, Lee Jin Hyuk expressed his gratitude to his fans by writing, “V-dan [unofficial name for Lee Jin Hyuk’s fandom], my first fan meeting has come to an end! I hope you had a happier day than anyone else today, and thank you for waiting for me like this on such a hot day. I hope you’ll continue to watch over me from here on out, and I love you. Get home safely, and let’s all have sweet dreams tonight, everyone.”

He concluded with the hashtags, “Lee Jin Hyuk,” “fan meeting,” “Jin Hyuk hae,” “TYFL,” and “I love you, I promise you forever.”

Watch Lee Jin Hyuk on the latest episode of “Radio Star” below!

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