3 Things To Watch For As New Variety Show

There’s just one day till SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday variety show “Little Forest” starts. The show will follow Lee Seung Gi, Lee Seo Jin, Park Na Rae, and Jung So Min as they open a children’s home in Gangwon Province.

Here are three things to look forward to ahead of the show!

“Little Forest” created by and for children

“Little Forest” will take place in a building that’s surrounded by greenery. Along with a farm with cute animals and clean air that’s difficult to come by in the city, it will be a playground where children’s imagination and senses are heightened. Children will be able to run around, eat healthy food, and play as much as they want to.

As it will be a space just for children, safety was the most important factor in the show. The production staff spoke with child psychology experts to get their advice, and there was a doctor on location in case of accidents. With everyone set up for children to enjoy themselves fully, the show is set to bring laughter and joy to viewers.

Chef uncle Lee Seo Jin + Pro uncle Lee Seung Gi + Talented aunt Park Na Rae + Enthusiastic aunt Jung So Min

The combination of Lee Seo Jin, Lee Seung Gi, Park Na Rae, and Jung So Min is one that’s causing intrigue. In the teaser that was released ahead of the show, Lee Seo Jin transformed into a chef for the kids, visiting a cooking studio to learn how to make rice balls and curry that children will enjoy. He is set to create nutritious meals for the children while they’re there. Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi is the perfect caretaker, and the kids are said to have never left his side because they wanted to keep playing with him.

Park Na Rae will be the energizer of the group, and she will work with Lee Seo Jin to cook meals for the children, captivating the children with her skills. Jung So Min was also popular amongst the kids, even learning kids’ yoga for the children. It will be interesting to see how the quartet will shine as they run the daycare.

Not your average healing variety show, “Little Forest” is different

“Little Forest” will differentiate itself with the keywords “Children” and “Growth.” Creating the environment that children need to grow will show people just how nature is important for children. Producing director (PD) Kim Jung Wook said, “I thought about what kids need in their development, and the answer always came back to nature. We created the show because we wanted to create a good influence for kids. Viewers will be able to watch the kids grow.”

“Little Forest” will premiere on August 12 at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the latest teaser for the show below!

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