Update: Jung Yu Mi Terminates Endorsement Contract With Controversial Japanese Cosmetics Company

Updated October 1 KST:

Jung Yu Mi has terminated her endorsement contract with the Japanese cosmetics brand DHC.

Following the company’s previous controversy, Jung Yu Mi faced backlash for being an endorsement model, and her agency requested to halt her activities as a model.

On October 1, her agency released an update on the situation.

The statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is Ace Factory.

This is an official statement regarding the termination of Jung Yu Mi’s DHC endorsement contract.

We terminated Jung Yu Mi’s endorsement contract with DHC KOREA and returned the model compensation she received for the remaining contract period.

DHC KOREA understood our perspective and came to an agreement with us regarding the request to terminate her endorsement contract.

As stated above, we would like to announce that Jung Yu Mi and DHC KOREA’s contract has ended.

Thank you.

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Original Article:

Jung Yu Mi’s agency has addressed the controversy surrounding DHC Television’s recent broadcast. DHC Television is a broadcasting station under DHC, a Japanese cosmetics company, and Jung Yu Mi is the endorsement model for DHC KOREA.

On August 10, Japanese cast members on a DHC Television broadcast brought up Korea’s boycott of Japanese products, stating, “Korea’s a country that quickly gets hot and quickly cools down. Japan just has to quietly wait and see.”

Another guest on the program stated, “Chosenjin (derogatory term for Koreans) used Chinese characters, but they weren’t able to turn them into writing. Japan united the hangeul (Korean alphabet), making it the hangeul it is now.” Furthermore, on the Sonyeosang (a statue symbolizing the victims of sexual slavery and also known as the Statue of Peace), they stated, “Is it okay if I show my private parts and say that it’s modern art?”

After Korean netizens requested an apology, DHC deactivated the comment section on their YouTube channel and Instagram account, causing netizens to trend “#FarewellDHC” in Korean.

On August 12, a source from Jung Yu Mi’s agency Ace Factory stated, “[Jung Yu Mi] is also having a difficult time because her personal social media account is being flooded with messages cursing and criticizing her indiscriminately. We are well aware of the nation’s sentiment and are of the same opinion. Henceforward, we will look into various measures.”

Later in the day, the agency released an official statement that reads as follows:

Hello, this is Ace Factory.

We send out our official statement regarding Jung Yu Mi’s endorsement agreement with DHC.

Firstly, we find DHC’s absurd statements very unfortunate.

We signed Jung Yu Mi’s endorsement contract with DHC KOREA in 2018. The photos of DHC’s products on Jung Yu Mi’s social media were part of the clauses in the original advertisement contract.

However, we felt the gravity of the statements made by DHC and requested to halt her activities as the endorsement model and withdraw their right to use her portrait. The DHC-related posts were also deleted from Jung Yu Mi’s social media.

Furthermore, we announce that we will never sign another contract with [DHC].

Thank you.

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