Watch: gugudan’s Kim Sejeong And Yeon Woo Jin Are Aces Of Comedy Acting In “I Wanna Hear Your Song” Making Video

KBS’s “I Wanna Hear Your Song” has released a new behind-the-scenes video!

“I Wanna Hear Your Song” is a mystery romantic comedy about a timpanist named Hong Yi Young (played by gugudan’s Kim Sejeong), who loses all memory of the night of a murder. After encountering a suspicious tone-deaf man named Jang Yoon (played by Yeon Woo Jin), she suddenly finds her forgotten memories returning, and she sets out on a quest to uncover the truth.

The clip opens up with Yeon Woo Jin and Kim Sejeong gathering at Namsan Tower for filming. Kim Sejeong greets the camera with high spirits, and she channels her character Hong Yi Young by complaining, “Yoon dragged me here. I didn’t want to come. Yoon is evil. Please film Yoon being so carefree.”

Then Kim Sejeong admits, “I think it’s nice to come to Namsan Tower in the morning. There are more people who came to exercise than I expected.”

Later, Kim Sejeong and Yeon Woo Jin rehearse the lines where she gets angry at him. When she calls him a pervert, he bursts into laughter and she barely manages to stifle her own laughter as she finishes her line.

Next is the part where the two actors do tai chi. During break, Kim Sejeong cutely sings a song about having eaten giant pork cutlet, but once the cue sign is given, she changes into Hong Yi Young who is too lazy to do tai chi.

Towards the end of the video, Kim Sejeong and Yeon Woo Jin practice their lines for the scene where she’s drunk. Her realistic acting is impressive, and thanks to it, he is able to immerse into his role. Step by step, Yeon Woo Jin explains the comical acting that they will do, and once filming starts, she follows his instructions and tugs on the end of his pants for her funny drunk acting. As soon as the cut sign is given, Yeon Woo Jin is quick to pull up his pants, making Kim Sejeong burst into laughter.

Watch the making video below!

“I Wanna Hear Your Song” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST. Catch up on the latest episode of the drama below!

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