Watch: “Strangers From Hell” Releases Spine-Chilling Highlight Video + 3 Keywords To Look Out For Ahead Of Its Premiere

Upcoming OCN drama “Strangers From Hell” has released a chilling highlight reel as well as three keywords to keep in mind ahead of its premiere!

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, “Strangers from Hell” is a thriller drama about the mysterious incidents that a man encounters after moving into a dormitory due to the residents that live in the same building.

Im Siwan plays Yoon Jong Woo, an aspiring writer who moves to Seoul from the countryside for his new job, and Lee Dong Wook is Seo Moon Jo, a dentist who owns a clinic near the dormitory. Lee Jung Eun will take the role of the dormitory owner Young Bok Soon who is a friendly woman that takes care of the people living in the dormitory. Lee Hyun Wook will play a mysterious, cold man named Yoo Ki Hyuk while Park Jong Hwan will play Byun Deuk Jong who has a habit of exaggerating his laughter and stuttering his words. Lee Joong Ok will take the role of Hong Nam Bok who has problems adjusting to society.

The video starts off with Yoon Jong Woo dragging his suitcase up a steep slope to get to his new home. He looks up at the dilapidated building with a mix of disbelief and disgust. Young Bok Soon shows him his new room full of stains and dust while claiming he won’t be able to find another place like it at such a cheap price in Seoul. Yoon Jong Woo’s expression shows he thinks that it couldn’t get any worse than this.

On his first day, Yoon Jong Woo bumps into a thug who warns him everyone in the building is crazy. The only sane greeting he encounters is from the dentist Seo Moon Jo who doesn’t seem quite normal as well. Then things start turning strange with dead bodies ending up in garbage bags and the word “die” scribbled in a hidden diary.

Towards the end, Young Bok Soon warns him not to go to the fourth floor, since that’s for women and it’s unoccupied at the moment, but Yoon Jong Woo can’t suppress his curiosity and heads up there anyways.

Watch the highlight reel below!

Here are also three keywords to get you even more hyped up for the drama’s premiere:

1. Synchronization

“Strangers From Hell” is based on a webtoon of the same name, which has accumulated 800 million views. Ever since the production was finalized, fans have been very curious about the casting, and many are totally satisfied with the lineup of Im Siwan, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Hyun Wook, Lee Joong Ok, and Yoo Ki Hyuk.

On top of that, the character Seo Moon Jo is a reinterpreted and recreated character, so viewers are especially looking forward to Lee Dong Wook’s transformation. Expectations are high over what kind of acting the trusted performers will show in the drama.

2. Mystery

Eden Dormitory is an old and shabby building where rent is only 190,000 won (approximately $156). However, this isn’t just an ordinary old dormitory, but it’s a dirty one full of grime and filth. In addition, there is a constant stream of strange events, ranging from suicides to missing people. The mystery is heightened even more because of the fourth floor that nobody has access to.

3. Totally Engrossing Story

The cast’s perfect synchronization as well as a mysterious plot will present the viewers with an overwhelming sense of immersion. There will be scenes that will make them hold their breath, and the heightened tension will keep everyone on their toes. The realistic scenes of a creepy dormitory with a strange vibe and the subtle sounds of thrill will combine to make shivers run down their spines. This movie-like drama will definitely be one of the highlights as summer comes to an end!

“Strangers From Hell” premieres August 31 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out the character relationship chart here!

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