VAV’s Agency Explains Ayno’s Hand Sign That Resembles Controversial Gesture

VAV’s agency released an official statement addressing the report about a member using the Ilbe hand gesture.

On August 11, VAV uploaded photos of the members before their performance on SBS’s “Inkigayo.” A media source reported that VAV member Ayno was making a hand gesture that resembles the gesture that represents Ilbe, an online community notorious for its far-right political views and hate-filled content.

VAV released an official statement on August 13 clarifying that Ayno’s hand gesture had nothing to do with the online community.

Read the full statement from VAV’s agency below:

Hello, this is A team.

We’re explaining through an official statement because there have been rumors and distribution of false information damaging our artist’s reputation regarding a picture recently uploaded to our official social media account.

[The false rumors] claim that the artist in the picture in question is using a hand gesture similar to one used by a harmful community, but the hand gesture is indicating [VAV’s] performance order for a music show broadcast along with the other members, and you can find the artist using unique hand gestures to express numbers on other social media accounts.

We are very disappointed that a media source reported on speculations without checking the truth, and we would like to clearly state that the hand gesture does not have such [harmful] intentions.

The agency added in another statement, “We checked with [Ayno], and he said he was copying the famous soccer player Dele Alli’s signature ‘glasses’ gesture. It’s a gesture that people overseas are copying as well.”

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