WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo On Wanting To Try Film Acting, His Thoughts On Publicly Dating, And More

In an interview for his solo debut, WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo shared his thoughts on his career and dating as he comes to the end of his 20s.

Kim Jin Woo is currently 29 years old in Korean reckoning. “I think I really had a good 20s,” he said. “There were some ups and downs but amid that I worked hard to endure, and we came together and worked hard, so it was good.”

He shared that he’s gained more confidence compared to when he first debuted, even gone on variety shows on his own, and now made his solo debut. His last goal for his 20s is to appear in a film.

“I’ve always liked acting,” said Kim Jin Woo. “I tried doing a web drama, but taking lessons in a practice room and focusing on set were different things. I want to do a drama too but I don’t have the confidence, since the preparation time is short. There’s a bit more preparation time when doing a movie, so I think I could show detailed things. I don’t like things that appear pure, so I want to try a genre that’s dark, like a noir thriller. It’s not that I want to transform my image, but I think it would be impactful because there would be something unexpected.” He also shared that he’d found the MBC drama ‘Partners for Justice‘ interesting.

Kim Jin Woo has also lately become very interested in drones. He passed the written test for certification and has his practical test coming up. He shared that he plans to bring a drone to film when he goes overseas.

As Kim Jin Woo may be enlisting next year for mandatory military service, he was asked how WINNER will fill up his empty spot while he’s gone. He replied that the members may do solo activities and added, “Nothing has been decided yet about WINNER’s future activities.”

When asked if he has any plans to date publicly, Kim Jin Woo said, “I don’t think of publicly dating as only a bad thing.” He explained, “For idols, it can be like that, but I think I would be public about it if I were to date.”

On the reason why he has a positive outlook on publicly dating despite being an idol, Kim Jin Woo said, “I’ve seen other people be congratulated for publicly dating, and I thought ‘That would be nice.'”

When asked if he’s talked to his agency about this, Kim Jin Woo said he hasn’t yet. “If I were to [date], then I’d have to go and do it then.” He then said, “Publicly dating is just my wish,” and laughed.

Kim Jin Woo also talked about how WINNER is still living in a dorm together. “I think it wouldn’t be good to live separately,” he said. “It’s better to be together. I think the others feel the same way.”

Kim Jin Woo made his solo debut on August 14 with the title track “Call Anytime” featuring Song Mino.

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