Seo Ye Ji Talks About Filming Her New Horror Movie Without Stand-Ins Or CGI

In a recent interview, Seo Ye Ji talked about her new horror film “Warning: Do Not Play” (previously known as “Blackout”)!

The actress stars in “Warning: Do Not Play” as the horror movie director Mi Jung, who has been preparing to make her filmmaking debut for the past 8 years. When Mi Jung learns of the existence of a mysterious banned film, she sets out to uncover the truth behind it—and winds up encountering some disturbing supernatural phenomena in the process.

After watching the film for the very first time, Seo Ye Ji remarked, “It turned out to be exactly like the screenplay.” She then talked about how the cast had filmed the movie without the help of any stand-ins and with barely any computer-generated imagery, describing it as a physically demanding but rewarding process.

“The actors filmed [the movie] in a lifelike and realistic way, without using stand-ins,” she explained. “We only used computer graphics for the eyes when [a character] is possessed. Almost everything was filmed using special-effects makeup. I teared up when I watched the movie, because you could see all of our hard work.”

She added jokingly, “My body ached while watching it.”

Seo Ye Ji continued, “There were many scenes that I had to actually pull off myself while breathing in the dust of an abandoned theater, which was physically very taxing.”

The actress also revealed that she had filmed many scenes without wearing any makeup at all—and that she had personally voiced a ghost for the movie without using any special effects.

“Instead of using technology, I actually used my real voice,” she shared. “I tried talking slowly, talking while choking myself, making scratchy sounds—I tried a lot of different things [to create the ghost’s voice]. We recorded in a studio with no special effects. It’s really a film that is completely true to life.”

Seo Ye Ji went on to express complete confidence in the film, commenting, “The screenplay is unique. The subject matter of a director filming a horror movie is unusual, and the character was also refreshing. I chatted with the film’s director [before signing on], and I found that the director was also refreshingly different. That’s how I ended up joining [the film]. I was drawn to the fact that it was a horror movie that felt true to life. I’ve always liked horror movies.”

When asked whether she had felt nervous about taking on her very first starring role in a feature film, Seo Ye Ji replied, “I didn’t feel any pressure about taking on a leading role. I believed in the director. The director is someone who loves horror films, and I had faith.”

Seo Ye Ji also spoke highly of her co-star Jin Sun Kyu, recalling, “It was really great [working with him]. He’s truly the epitome of thoughtfulness. He was very considerate. He comforted me [on set], and we also talked a lot. I was very happy while acting together with him. If you look at our [behind-the-scenes] stills, we were captured smiling a lot. Because of that, our marketing team had a hard time finding stills to use.”

“Warning: Do Not Play” hits theaters on August 15.

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