Hard-Hitting And Refreshing Lines From Yoon Kyun Sang In

Yoon Kyun Sang from OCN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Mr. Temporary” has captivated audiences with his refreshingly honest character!

“Mr. Temporary” takes place at an elite high school ranked in the top 0.1 percent where a mysterious murder case occurs. Yoon Kyun Sang plays the role of the snobby lawyer Ki Moo Hyuk who goes undercover as the temporary teacher Ki Kang Jae to investigate the murder.

Yoon Kyun Sang has been gaining much attention for his character’s cynical and critical view of the world, making his sharp comments even more refreshing for the viewers to hear.

Here are a few of Yoon Kyun Sang’s best lines from “Mr. Temporary”!

1. “The moment you stab him, no matter how wronged you have been, you will become the perpetrator, and he will become the victim.”

During the sixth episode, Ki Kang Jae says this to Ahn Byung Ho (Byun Hun) who wields a knife against Son Joon Jae (Shin Jae Hwi) in order to protect his sister. Ki Kang Jae continues to ask, “Don’t you think you’ll feel even more wronged?” Even after Ki Kang Jae gets stabbed by Ahn Byung Ho, he says, “If you are really thinking of your sister, throw away that knife right now,” and he succeeds in dissuading Ahn Byung Ho.

2. “Don’t try to pass the blame… This is all a result created by the monstrous Chun Myung High School.”

Ki Kang Jae is also unafraid to speak the truth about the school. When Ha So Hyun (Geum Sae Rok) expresses her concerns by saying, “I can’t allow you, who aren’t even a real teacher, to hurt Byung Ho,” Ki Kang Jae retorts, “It’s not me, but Chun Myung. The one that hurt Byung Ho.” He continues, “Don’t try to pass the blame to me now and say that I’m the one hurting Byung Ho. Soo Ah, Byung Ho, and even Han Soo who is lying right in front of us. This is all a result created by the monstrous Chun Myung High School.”

3. “One needs to know how deep the extent of their crimes are in order to properly reflect on their actions.”

The temporary teacher also calls out the VIP students who’ve received unfair special treatment. He says, “They’re at the age in which they should be able to gauge how wrong their actions have been,” sharply criticizing the wrongdoings of those who used their student status to commit crimes. Ki Kang Jae continues, “I can give you a chance because you’re still young. However, you have to realize before then.”

“Mr. Temporary” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 11 p.m. KST.

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