Park Bom’s Agency Shares Update On Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

D-NATION Entertainment has shared an update on their legal battle on behalf of Park Bom against malicious commenters.

The agency first announced in February that they would be taking legal action against those who made malicious and defamatory remarks against Park Bom. On August 16, they shared an update and it reads as follows:

Hello, this is D-NATION Entertainment.

We would like to share an official statement regarding the spread of false information and malicious comments made against our artist Park Bom.

In February, we notified through the official fan cafe and social media accounts that we will be taking strong action with no possibility of leniency against those who defame the character of, spread false information about, and post malicious comments about our artist.

Since posting the notice that we will be taking legal action, D-NATION Entertainment worked with our legal team and we have already submitted suits against individuals on charges of character defamation. We wish to inform you that as of August 13, we have filed suits against 15 additional people.

We wish to emphasize once more that we will not leniency for the individuals as part of our promise to take strong legal action, and we will continue to seek legal action against malicious comments in the future.

We will strengthen our measures to protect the rights of our artist Park Bom. Once more, we wish to express our eternal gratitude to the fans who have loved and cared for Park Bom with your support and trust, and we will do our best to ensure that she can continue to be even better in the future.

Thank you.

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