Kang Han Na, Oh Hye Won Apologize For Behavior During A Play + Son Seok Gu Denies Any Bad Behavior

On August 15, Son Seok Gu, Kang Han Na, Oh Hye Won, and Choi Yoon Young attended the play “Pride” to support one of their friends. All of the actors are currently appearing in the tvN drama “Designated Survivor: 60 Days.”

However, their behavior during the play became a hot topic online afterwards, with people alleging that they laughed loudly when the audience wasn’t supposed to laugh and talked amongst themselves during the play. They also apparently disturbed the people around them with cutesy hand gestures during a scene in which a cast member pointed a camera towards the audience.

On August 16, Kang Han Na posted the following on her personal Instagram.

Hello. Today I went to see a very good play, but I realize I need to apologize for behavior that may have disturbed the other audience members, such as laughing during scenes that didn’t call for laughter and making “V” signs to the camera when it was pointed at the audience. I am sincerely sorry for making the other audience members feel uncomfortable during the play, no matter what the reason. As many people have pointed out, our behavior could also have disturbed the actors on stage, so I also want to apologize to the cast members. The play “Pride” is a deeply moving play that makes you both cry and laugh. I will learn about proper theater etiquette and reflect on my actions. Once again, I’m sorry for causing a disturbance.

A few hours later, Oh Hye Won also wrote on her personal Instagram.

First of all, I’m sorry for causing concern with this shameful issue. I am reflecting on our inappropriate and careless behavior during the play ‘Pride,’ which I went to see yesterday. I apologize for disturbing many people due to my ignorance.

I will learn about proper theater etiquette and act carefully to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Once again, I’m sorry for causing concern.

On the other hand, Son Seok Gu posted a statement on his own Instagram that soon became an issue in its own right. In the caption to a text post, he wrote, “Since the issue doesn’t seem to be dying down, I am writing this to make sure that no one else around me gets hurt.”

The text post reads:

First, I would like to apologize to Kim Joo Heon, who invited us to the play “Pride.” It seems like we embarrassed him and I am sorry beyond words. This may sound shameless, but I sincerely hope that his remaining performances will go well.

The play was excellent. It was a meaningful time in which I could think about and discuss how people change as the times change and how they will change in future. Apart from anything I am about to say, I strongly recommend that people see this play.

Finally, to the heart of the issue. There have been news articles to the effect that people are requesting an apology from me and my friends for ruining the play yesterday with our inappropriate theater behavior.

From the standpoint of someone who loves and treasures plays, my behavior was not embarrassing in any way. While everyone else is rejoicing at a blue sky, someone might trigger a memory and cry instead. There are people who get excited when it rains as well. I believe that I quietly cried and laughed according to my feelings without disturbing the people around me.

The culture of theatergoing has been spoiled by some audience members’ sense of entitlement and narrow-mindedness verging on oppressiveness and violence. I am taken aback that this has gone beyond misunderstanding and into the full-blown production of lies, but I do not intend to refute or apologize beyond what I have already stated. I believe that it is not good for any of us to fight over small and self-defeating things. Regardless of whether I am responsible for wrongdoing, I am very sorry to the fans who might be disappointed because I can’t tell them what they want to hear.

I have prepared myself to accept the unilateral public sentiments that will come as a reaction to the choices I have made above, so please send your honest opinions to me as you like. It is my hope that after enough time passes and our anger has died down, there will come a time when we can laugh together and look back on the past.

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