Tiffany Talks About Growth Of K-Pop In The US And Her Solo Career + Possibility Of Girls’ Generation Reunion

Tiffany shared her thoughts on her career in an interview with Star Today.

The singer has been busy promoting in the United States. At the 2019 iHeart Radio Music Awards, Tiffany won Best Solo Breakout and was the first Korean singer to do so. “I couldn’t even believe that I was nominated,” she said. “I attended the awards thinking that it meant for me to work harder, and it was such a meaningful moment that I also won the award.”

She continued, “I could feel that there was a reaction and interest to my U.S. promotions when I went to the awards show. I think I was able to be the first Korean to win this award all because of K-pop. I think they’re taking an interest in me as K-pop is being loved all over the world. Every time I go to a performance, interview, or awards show, they call me ‘K-pop Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany.’ It also makes me want to do better. I think it’s great and feel so proud when I see juniors spreading K-pop all over the world. I’m always cheering for all of you.”

Tiffany’s roots as a singer began when she debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation in 2007. The group was loved by the public for their succession of hits and gained a huge fan base worldwide. After the group’s contract with SM Entertainment ended in 2017, Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyoung signed with other agencies.

When asked if she keeps in contact with her members often, Tiffany answered with a big smile, “We talk every day in our group chatroom. We’re like family. Whenever the members began individual promotions, we cheer each other on. When we think of each other while eating something, we post photos and say that we should come back next time to eat together, and talk about small things like that as well. Because we’re currently focused on individual promotions, there isn’t a specific plan for group activities. But there’s a belief that we can reunite right away if the timing is good and we say, ‘Should we get together?’ All of the members think this way. I want to become someone who makes the members proud when Girls’ Generation does group promotions. So I want to become a more amazing person and reunite in the most amazing way.”

Tiffany debuted at the age of 18 and turned 30 this year. Thinking back on her 12-year career, she said, “It was a time where I worked really hard. I was able to get to where I am today because I loved my dream and passion and improved one step at a time. If I didn’t have love for my dream, I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am right now. I was also able to grow because I had my members who are my family, and I was able to do a better job.”

When asked about any changes after turning 30, Tiffany replied, “I think there’s definitely a change. Compared to my 20s, I’ve figured more out about what I want. I thought about how I want my music to not only be for me but also be relatable to someone else as well. In the past, I said, ‘Music is a space where I feel healed.’ But now, I think, ‘I hope that my music can be a space where someone can feel healed.'”

In October, Tiffany will kick off her Magnetic Tour in cities including San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston, and more.

“I spent my time studying hard, preparing, and working on music until now,” concluded the singer. “I’ll continue to work hard to become an amazing Tiffany Young, so please look forward to it and cheer for me. I especially want to say thank you to my fans who have stayed by my side.”

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