Ong Seong Wu Catches Kim Hyang Gi And Han Sung Min In A Tense Situation In “Moments Of 18”

JTBC’s “Moments of 18” released new stills of Ong Seong Wu, Kim Hyang Gi, and Han Sung Min!

“Moments of 18” follows the lives of youths as they try to pursue their best lives. Ong Seong Wu takes on the role of Choi Joon Woo, Kim Hyang Gi plays Yoo Soo Bin, and Han Sung Min stars as Hwang Ro Mi.


In the last episode, Yoo Soo Bin misunderstood Choi Joon Woo’s relationship with Hwang Ro Mi. Choi Joon Woo bravely confessed that Yoo Soo Bin is the only one he likes and amplified viewers’ excitement with his surprise date request. Towards the end of the episode, Yoo Soo Bin gazed at Choi Joon Woo with eyes full of tears, making viewers even more curious about the direction of their sweet yet sad romance.

The photos released on August 18 draw attention with Hwang Ro Mi gripping tightly onto Yoo Soo Bin’s wrist and asking something in a demanding manner. However, Yoo Soo Bin doesn’t back down and faces the jealous girl with a cool, firm look, raising questions about their conversation. Choi Joon Woo watches them from a distance with lonely eyes. The viewers can feel his lamentation and sorrow of not being able to approach Yoo Soo Bin who has changed after their first date.

The next episode will reveal the twisted relationships between Choi Joon Woo, who blames himself for Yoo Soo Bin’s change in attitude, Yoo Soo Bin, who is heartbroken by a story she doesn’t want to believe, and Ma Hwi Young (Shin Seung Ho), who is sorry for what happened but can’t bring himself to tell her the truth.

The production crew shared, “The sweet and sad romance between Choi Joon Woo and Yoo Soo Bin will begin in earnest. Please watch what made Yoo Soo Bin tear up and how Choi Joon Woo and Yoo Soo Bin will get through this critical moment.”

Episode 9 of “Moments of 18” will air on August 19 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, catch up with the latest episode on Viki below:

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