TOP Media Releases Statement Regarding Potential For Lee Jin Hyuk’s Participation In BY9

TOP Media has issued a statement regarding UP10TION member Lee Jin Hyuk and project group BY9.

Their statement from August 19 reads as follows.

Hello. This is TOP Media.

Thank you to all of the fans who have shown support and interest for Lee Jin Hyuk’s promotions.

As there have been many inquiries for Lee Jin Hyuk regarding project group BY9 following the conclusion of “Produce X 101,” here is our official statement.

While we are supporting and planning Lee Jin Hyuk’s individual activities, we have simultaneously been positively reviewing the nine-member group BY9 that is being supported by fans.

Additionally, there are still intentions to join BY9 if a nine-member group, but we would like to state that no other project groups are being considered.

Through continuous discussions with Lee Jin Hyuk, we are preparing for a variety of promotions. We will continue to share any news regarding his promotions with fans.

Thank you.

BY9 is a fan-imaged group that includes “Produce X 101” trainees Lee Jin Hyuk, Kim Min Kyu, Koo Jung Mo, Hwang Yun Seong, Keum Dong Hyun, Tony, Song Yu Vin, Ham Won Jin, and Lee Se Jin. Keum Dong Hyun’s agency C9 Entertainment previously released a statement expressing that he will join BY9 only if it has all nine members.

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