Kim Sejeong And Yeon Woo Jin’s Relationship Runs Hot And Cold In “I Wanna Hear Your Song”

KBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “I Wanna Hear Your Song” has released stills of gugudan’s Kim Sejeong and Yeon Woo Jin ahead of the upcoming August 20 episode.


In the previous episode, Jang Yoon (Yeon Woo Jin) took viewers by surprise when he didn’t hesitate to move in for a kiss when Hong Yi Young (Kim Sejeong) asked for one. However, when Jang Yoon kept avoiding their meetings after the kiss, Hong Yi Young got angry at him.

Jang Yoon ended up telling Hong Yi Young everything about what happened on the night she lost her memories and shared how much he needed her to get her memories back.

However, the new stills appear to show that their relationship isn’t out of the woods yet. In one scene, Jang Yoon looks at Hong Yi Young tenderly as she sleeps soundly, for once not bothered by her insomnia. In the morning, however, the two of them appear to be arguing again.

“I Wanna Hear Your Song” also shared teasers of Hong Yi Young all dressed up for what might be a blind date. Unlike her usual casual style, she has done her hair and put on a pretty dress and a bright smile as she meets an unknown person.

The production staff stated, “Jang Yoon and Hong Yi Young get close, and then pull apart. Please pay attention to their changing emotions in Episodes 11 and 12.”

Episodes 11 and 12 of “I Wanna Hear Your Song” will air on August 20 at 10 p.m. KST.

Check out the latest episode below!

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