Han Bo Reum Talks About Her Hopes To Get Married And Why She Changed Her Mind

Actress Han Bo Reum, star of MBN’s recently-wrapped Wednesday-Thursday drama “Level Up,” revealed that she’s been thinking about marriage a lot.

In an interview with Newsen, the actress said, “I started thinking about marriage this year. Before [this year], I hadn’t accomplished anything, and I didn’t have any savings. I had thought, ‘Why get married?’ ‘I can do well on my own,’ but now that I’ve paid off a lot of my debt, I thought it would be nice to get married.”

Han Bo Reum added that she got her fortune read recently and was told she would meet someone next summer and get married in 2021. “I hope I meet my marriage partner next summer.”

On her ideal type, she said, “I like someone who’s ordinary and natural. Rather than someone who’s really well-dressed, I want someone more casual.”

The actress also talked about her drama “Level Up,” for which she wrapped filming some time ago. “The drama is pre-produced, so I felt that it was ‘over’ a while ago. But after watching the final episode, I think I’ve finally let the drama go.”

“Level Up” was Han Bo Reum’s first time in a lead role, and the actress revealed that she felt a lot of pressure in the beginning. “So I spoke often with the director and other actors. It was a great experience,” said Han Bo Reum. “It must not have been easy to put the lead female character in my hands, so I’m so thankful to the director and writer. And I’m also so thankful to Sung Hoon, who guided me through the drama.”

“Level Up” aired its final episode on August 15.

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