UP10TION Talks About 8-Member Comeback + Shows Support For Kim Woo Seok And Lee Jin Hyuk

On August 22, UP10TION held a press showcase for the release of their new mini album “The Moment of Illusion.”

This upcoming comeback will be with eight members without Kim Woo Seok and Lee Jin Hyuk, who recently competed on “Produce X 101.”

Jinhoo explained, “UP10TION’s comeback album production was complete when ‘Produce X 101’ ended, so it was already decided that the two of them would not be participating in promotions.”

Sunyoul added, “We respect any activities that [Kim Woo Seok and Lee Jin Hyuk] do. We talk often and cheer each other on.”

About Kim Woo Seok’s promotions with X1, Sunyoul said, “[Woo Seok] deserves to be congratulated, and he has really worked that hard. It is sad that he cannot be with us, but we are happy about his success. It will be great to greet him at music shows.”

Jinhoo continued, “Woo Seok does well no matter where he is, so we feel reassured and are cheering him on.”

Kuhn commented about their comeback with eight members, “To fill in for the absence of Woo Seok and Jin Hyuk, we worked harder to focus on the choreography and put in extra effort for our singing and rapping.”

On future plans regarding Lee Jin Hyuk, he responded, “We are planning on promoting as eight members through the second half of the year. Jin Hyuk will have solo promotions, and it has not been decided when he will join us.”

Jinhoo revealed that they chat with Lee Jin Hyuk a lot at their dorm and that he gave them feedback on their dance practice video that the manager posted in their group chat. Hwanhee shared, “Jin Hyuk told us to do well on our dancing.”

Sunyoul spoke about their comeback, “UP10TION has improved our music and performances a lot, so we hope many people will also show interest in our eight-member promotions,” and Hwanhee concluded, “We will return to the mindset of our debut days and work even harder.”

UP10TION’s album “The Moment of Illusion” is set to be released on August 22 at 6 p.m. KST.

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Top photo credit: Xportsnews

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