Watch: X1 Talks About The Hardships They Overcame To Follow Their Dreams Of Becoming Idols

X1 shared how they decided to follow their dreams of becoming idols!

On August 22, Mnet aired the first episode of “X1 FLASH,” the group’s reality show that follows the members as they prepare for their debut.

During the show, the members shared both their excitement and nervousness for their upcoming debut. Nam Do Hyon said, “I wanted to debut, but it’s weird now that we’re just about to,” and Lee Han Gyul said, “Honestly, it’s scary to see how people will look upon us.” Kang Min Hee added, “The expectation is high, but success isn’t guaranteed.”

On their upcoming title track, the members shared that the choreography was very difficult. Kim Woo Seok explained, “It was so difficult we wondered if we could do [the choreography properly].” The members also exposed each other’s secrets. Son Dong Pyo revealed that Kang Min Hee hadn’t showered for four out of the five days while practicing for “Pretty Girl,” and the other members revealed that Nam Do Hyon still has to unpack, although it has been a month since they’ve moved into the dorms.

X1 also talked about how they decided on wanting to become idols. Son Dong Pyo shared that when he was young, he was home alone because his mom had to work. While watching TV, he saw celebrities walking on the red carpet. Son Dong Pyo explained, “After seeing that, I thought I also wanted to receive that kind of love and attention.”

Meanwhile, Song Hyeong Joon shared that his family had a difficult financial situation while growing up. Luckily, his oldest sister helped persuade his parents to let him take dance lessons by saying, “Hyeong Joon finally has something he wants to do. Let’s help him do something he wants.” Lee Eun Sang also talked about his mother’s initial opposition, but he showed her his resolve by working hard to save money for music lessons.

Cha Jun Ho and Kang Min Hee talked about the fun they had while practicing at their companies, and Kim Woo Seok and Lee Han Gyul talked about gaining motivation from the audience’s cheers and wanting to receive those cheers for their performances as well.

Furthermore, Cho Seung Youn shared that he played soccer professionally when he was young, but after hearing Lee Seung Gi‘s “Let’s Go On Vacation,” he gained inspiration to become a singer. Kim Yo Han mentioned his parents’ support after revealing his desire to become an idol despite his success as a Taekwondo athlete, and Nam Do Hyon also talked about his passion for music and wanting to produce and sing his own music in the future.

Finally, Han Seung Woo talked about his difficult trainee life. After coming up to Seoul with 100,000 won (approximately $82.60), he stayed in a very small single room, eating only one bowl of ramen each day. Although he debuted after three years of training, he faced many difficulties afterwards as well. Nonetheless, he shared that he was happy now with the X1 members.

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