Watch: Ong Seong Wu Successfully Protects Kim Hyang Gi For “Moments Of 18” Filming

JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Moments of 18” has shared a new behind-the-scenes video!

“Moments of 18” is a coming-of-age story starring Ong Seong Wu as Choi Joon Woo and Kim Hyang Gi as Yoo Soo Bin.

The making video begins with the cast in high spirits as they film the scene where they have to team up with a specific number of people for a game. The director explains how Ong Seong Wu, Kim Hyang Gi, Shin Seung Ho, and Han Sung Min will position themselves for the love square. When the director tells Kim Hyang Gi she will partner up with Han Sung Min, Han Sung Min lights up as she embraces Kim Hyang Gi and says, “Come here!” Meanwhile, Ong Seong Wu and Shin Seung Ho stare blankly at each other, making everyone laugh at their dumbfounded responses.

Later on, the cast prepares to film the scene where Ong Seong Wu blocks Kim Hyang Gi from a balloon full of flour and confetti. Baek Jae Woo pretends to pop the balloon in slow motion, and Ong Seong Wu plays along by faking a slow punch to his face. Then Ong Seong Wu covers Kim Hyang Gi, and Baek Jae Woo laughs as he says he’s too late now.

The filming for the scene starts, and everyone immerses into their roles. They start counting down, and once it hits one, Ong Seong Wu promptly shields Kim Hyang Gi from the shower of flour and confetti.

The cast cheers happily when the director signals the end of the successful scene. Ong Seong Wu is quick to take off bits of confetti and flour off of her hair while the other actors attempt to clean him up as well.

Check out the making video below!

“Moments of 18” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t already, catch the latest episode on Viki below!

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