ONF's J-Us Writes Letter Following Laun's Sudden Departure

ONF member J-Us wrote to their fans Fuse after the surprising news of Laun’s departure from the group.

On August 23, it was announced that Laun has left ONF due to personal reasons and his contract with their agency WM Entertainment has been terminated. Later that day, J-Us shared the following letter to fans:

Hello, this is ONF’s OFF team leader J-Us.

Firstly, I’m sorry that Fuse suddenly received bad news about ONF.

After finding out the sudden news of Laun’s departure, we are all puzzled and unsure of what to do for the time being. However, I’m writing this post because I think that Fuse, even more so than us, must be feeling hurt, upset, and worried.

Fuse has been waiting for us for a long time and we only want to give you back good things in return, but it seems like you’ve been hurt because of today’s matter and I feel even greater responsibility as a leader.

More than half of the ONF members trained for a long time with the goal of achieving our dream of debuting. I thought that there would only be happy moments once that dream came true, but there have been some difficult and exhausting times too, and today seems to be a day in which I learn once again that a person can’t only go in the direction that they want.

I know that today is a really difficult day for Fuse, who support not only the group ONF but also our individual members. So I’m not sure what I should do, and I think today is a day when I can’t even comprehend how Fuse is feeling. I think we’re still too young to accept all of this as though it’s all okay, and it’s difficult, but we want to overcome these difficult moments and show Fuse how we’ve matured. With our comeback coming up, our ONF members are going to gather strength and try to show you a good image so that people aren’t worried.

ONF most recently released “We Must Love” in February, and they recently began hinting at their upcoming comeback.

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