Update: Song Yu Vin Personally Addresses Leaked Photo Incident With Kim So Hee

Updated August 24 8 p.m. KST: 

Song Yu Vin has also taken to Instagram to address the photo that was shared of him and Kim So Hee.

Hello, this is Song Yu Vin.

First, I want to apologize to my fans and to the people that support me by causing them concern with the photo that was leaked earlier this morning… Beginning with the audition program many years ago, I have been working hard to achieve my dream of becoming a singer.

In the end, I was able to achieve my dream and become a singer at a young age. But when your dream is to become a singer, there is always a wall in front of you called “reality.” That “reality” caused me a lot of despair and exhausted me both physically and mentally.

At that time, there was a colleague at my agency. We helped each other through the hard times and became a source of strength for one another.

However, we grew distant in front of that wall called “reality” and returned to being colleagues. Today, a photo from the time we spent together was leaked illegally.

I do not resent or blame whoever leaked the photo for whatever reason. I am only deeply sorry that I might have caused disappointment to my fans and other people who saw the photo. I am sincerely sorry.

I also want to sincerely apologize to Kim Kook Heon and Kim So Hee, who have also received damage because of me. I’m sorry.

Once again, I’m sorry to the people who have supported me for so long by causing them concern with a private photo that was not intentionally revealed.

Updated August 24 KST:

Kim So Hee has taken to her personal Instagram account to address the photo that was shared of her and Song Yu Vin.

Her statement reads as follows:

Hello. This is Kim So Hee.

First, I really want to make that I say that I am so sorry to my fans, who were probably the most surprised, and to everyone who supports me for the photo that was suddenly released in the early hours of the morning. At the time, we were in the same agency and we supported, comforted, and relied on each other in very difficult times, leading to us starting to see each other.

However, we were faced with busy schedules and many difficult situations, so we decided to go back to just being close coworkers.

I am also so taken aback by how the photo was obtained and spread. I am so sorry for causing concern to the many fans who support me. From now on, I will work harder to show you only my best.

Once again, to my fans, I am sorry..

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Original Article:

Music Works has officially responded to the dating rumors surrounding Song Yu Vin and Kim So Hee.

On August 24, a photo of singers Song Yu Vin and Kim So Hee kissing surfaced on an online community, sparking a flurry of dating rumors about the former labelmates. Song Yu Vin, who debuted as a member of MYTEEN before appearing on “Produce X 101” this year, is still signed to Music Works; Kim So Hee, who appeared on the first season of “Produce 101” before promoting both as a member of I.B.I and as a solo artist, left the agency in July after her contract expired.

Later that morning, Music Works responded to the rumors by stating, “While it’s true that Song Yu Vin and Kim So Hee briefly dated a year ago, after checking [with them], we learned that they have already broken up.”

The agency also warned that it would be taking legal action against the invasion of their artists’ privacy, stating, “Additionally, we will be actively monitoring the invasion of our artists’ privacy and other acts such as defamation of character, and we will use any means necessary to protect our artists through strong legal action without any leniency.”

Song Yu Vin previously appeared in Kim So Hee’s music video for her solo title track “Sobok Sobok” in 2017. The two singers also collaborated on a song for the OST of the 2016 drama “Bring It On, Ghost.”

Meanwhile, Song Yu Vin and fellow MYTEEN member Kim Kook Heon will be making their unit debut later today with the digital single “Blurry,” which will be released on August 24 at 6 p.m. KST.

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