Former U-KISS Member Kiseop And Jung Yuna Get Married + Answer Questions About Proposal, Children, And More

Former U-KISS member Kiseop and actress and model Jung Yuna tied the knot on August 24.

The wedding took place at a hotel in Seoul and was hosted by comedian Kim Yong Myung. U-KISS leader Soohyun and Huh Gak sang the congratulatory song.

Before the wedding ceremony took place, Kiseop and Jung Yuna held a press conference at the wedding venue where they took questions about their proposal, dating life, and future plans.

Kiseop said, “I’ve been standing on stage for 10 years, but today is a whole different kind of nervousness. It’s a new feeling. I looked forward to this day, but now that my dream has come true, it’s deeply moving. Today is a day in which I look forward to the future.”

Jung Yuna said, “While we were dating, we spent our time like close friends. Now that we’re married, we’ve become husband and wife. We have to live together while understanding each other, being considerate of each other, and respecting each other. I have a lot of worries about that, but I’m also excited. I look forward to our days together.”

Kiseop said that they were cautious about dating in public and watched movies at home and went for drives together. He also said that their proposal took place in a bar. “She likes big events, so I wanted to do one for her, but it’s not easy to do it on your own. I was going to hire a company, but I didn’t want it to get out that we were getting married. So I rented a bar with my friends and came up with the event on my own. I prepared a video and a letter with our shared memories and gave her a necklace that I’d been wanting to give her.”

Jung Yuna said, “He said that it was just a casual date, so I didn’t dress up or anything and we went to a fried chicken and beer place. I was just eating chicken when suddenly a video of our first date came on. I thought, ‘So this is a proposal’ and I started tearing up. I was happy and proud.”

Kiseop also shared that the U-KISS members supported his marriage from the beginning and said, “It could have been a bad thing for the group that I met my wife while we were promoting together. But the members were always supportive. I talked to them a lot and they gave me advice. I feel both apologetic and deeply grateful to them.”

Kiseop also added that the couple currently had no plans for children. “People have said, ‘Why are you suddenly getting married?’ and implied that it was because we’re expecting a baby. That’s absolutely not true. My wife is working as a model and I have to finish my public service worker duties. We are planning to have children around 3 or 4 years from now, around when we’re 33 or 34. We’re not getting married because she is pregnant.”

Finally, Kiseop shared that he wanted to be a husband that could support his wife like a pillar so that she could do what she wanted to do and eat what she wanted to eat. Jung Yuna said that she wanted to become a supportive and responsible wife that respects and cares for her husband.

Congratulations to the couple on their marriage!

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