Relationships From “Moments Of 18” That Epitomize The Growing Pains Of Life

JTBC’s “Moments of 18” continues to tell the bittersweet stories of youth.

The drama has been gaining lots of love for its stories of 18-year-olds and evoking feelings of innocence and excitement. Despite the pain in each of their lives, the characters are growing through each other and showing off chemistry.

Let’s explore the relationships of teenagers and adults who are going through growing pains in the drama.

Choi Jun Woo and Yoo Soo Bin

The romance of an 18-year-old boy and girl has officially begun. Choi Jun Woo (played by Ong Seong Wu) and Yoo Soo Bin (played by Kim Hyang Gi) perfectly express the heart fluttering feelings and the youthfulness of first love. Their feelings for one another, however, do not just end with heart-fluttering excitement.

Choi Jun Woo has gone through visible changes because of Yoo Soo Bin. His feelings of loneliness have long disappeared, he has started to express his feelings, and he’s gained the courage to not run away from an unfair reality.

Yoo Soo Bin has also undergone changes as Choi Jun Woo has given her the opportunity to feel new things in her life, which was previously a repetition of monotonous days. The growing pains of her first love strengthened her inner self, and both characters are growing together through their romance.

Choi Jun Woo and Ma Hwi Young

Choi Jun Woo and Ma Hwi Young (played by Shin Seung Ho) created tension in the drama almost immediately with their relationship. As their precarious relationship continues, they’re consistently provoking one another towards change.

It may seem as if they’re polar opposites, but the two characters are more closely tied together than anyone else in the story. Ma Hwi Young has used his privileged background and resources to control the school and students as his own. Until Choi Jun Woo transferred to this school, no one questioned Ma Hwi Young.

Choi Jun Woo then shook his world as he figured out Ma Hwi Young’s real self, corrected him, and grew closer to Yoo Soo Bin. In episode 10, Choi Jun Woo asked Ma Hwi Young, “Don’t you feel sorry to Soo Bin? You hurt someone you like. Soo Bin seemed like the one friend you showed your self to.” Hearing this, Ma Hwi Young felt loss and guilt. Although Ma Hwi Young initially looked down on Choi Jun Woo and taunted him, his provocation allowed Ma Hwi Young to change.

Teacher Oh Han Kyul and the students

Students aren’t the only ones changing in “Moments of 18.” As the series heads for its second half, rookie homeroom teacher Oh Han Kyul has also shown growth through his humor and sympathy. Oh Han Kyul was in low spirits as he thought of himself as an awkward, unqualified adult. But he worked hard to protect Choi Jun Woo from misunderstandings and mistrust with trust and conviction.

Although he was looked down upon by the vice-principal, parents, class president Ma Hwi Young, and students, Oh Han Kyul proved his skills in the open class. He also showed great chemistry with Choi Jun Woo through their scripted speech during the class and embraced Ma Hwi Young with warmth as he tended to his wounds.

The production staff stated, “No one is perfect on their own. Please look forward to the changes of the 18-year-old youth and incomplete adults who grow together as they support each other in their weaknesses.”

“Moments of 18” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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